Squid Game cast plays American schoolyard games on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, wins hearts online

The Squid Game cast made a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. (Image via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)
The Squid Game cast made a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. (Image via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

The Squid Game cast's eagerly anticipated appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was all it promised to be, and more. From spilling on-set secrets to the revelation of Baby Squid, the segment was highly eventful. But what stole the show was the cast playing a series of American schoolyard games, without the looming threat of death (or the 45.6 billion won).

Squid Game actors Lee Jung-gae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, and Jung Ho-yeon joined popular TV show host Jimmy Fallon via video conference for the latest episode of The Tonight Show. After a short interview with the cast, where they discussed behind-the-scenes secrets and the worldwide fame of Squid Game, the cast was invited to play a series of games, much like in the show, this time American instead of Korean.

Squid Game cast play children's games once again, this time American

In Squid Game, the participants take part in a series of traditional Korean children's games, like tug of war and the honeycomb game, with extremely high stakes. The prize is a huge sum of money, but the penalty is a horrific death. The cast of the show recreated this on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, albeit with much lower stakes.

In a segment titled 'Tonight Show Schoolyear games', the four actors face off against each other, playing common American games for children. Despite the lower stakes, competitiveness among the participants remains intact.

The first game is the iconic game of Slapsies. The game involves slapping your opponent's hands, while the opponent tries to swiftly remove it. Although the name is made up, the game is very common.

The first face off was between the golden duo Park Hae-soo and Lee Jung-jae, who played Gi-hun and Sang-woo in the show respectively. With Park Hae-soo taking on the role of the attacker, he emerges as the winner in the first round, despite missing the first time.

The duo of Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ho-yeon then fight it out for a place in the finals, where Ho-yeon emerges victorious. In the final face-off between Hae-soo and Ho-yeon, the latter gives her all and emerges the ultimate victor of the slapsies.

The next game, described as "the most dangerous game of all", is none other than rock, paper, scissors! After the cutthroat battle which follows, Wi Ha-joon emerges the ultimate winner, defeating Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Jung-jee back to back.

The final competition will remind viewers of the Glass Bridge challenge from Squid Game. Just like on Squid Game, the actors pick any number from 1-4 and depending on the number, they get a spoon. Yes, it is the iconic Egg and Spoon race. But just like in the show, life is not fair. While Lee Jung-jae receives a laddle, Wi Ha-joon gets the tiniest spoon one could find! Expectedly, Lee Jung-jae emerges the victor in this round.

Squid Game cast's chemistry wins the Internet

The fun game show segment is winning hearts online. Several fans have commented upon the undeniable chemistry among the actors. While their characters in Squid Game had complicated relationships with each other, their real-life counterparts got along together like old friends.

"their chemistry is so wholesome. there was these promotional videos for Netflix that they did where these four played games and it showed more of how cute their chemistry was especially park haesoo and jung hoyeon! 4:02 hoyeon’s accent is so adorable and 4:07 the way haesoo is smiling say “one” and “yours” in his current English accent to hajoon got me smiling so hard he’s so adorable and so fine too 😮‍💨 plus some of the games at the start were….questionable 🥴"
"They seemed to have so much fun with “Slapsies”😂 something tells me they played that after the interview was over 😂"

Several viewers also commented on how likable and humble the actors were:

"Squid Game has taken over the world. The cast is so likable!"
"I love that Hajoon and Hoyeon had a really great interaction with each other in here. I want to see them in a drama together so bad!!"

Many also gushed about Jung Jo-yeon, and how happy and excited the rookie actor appeared on the Internet. With half the internet already in love with the actor model, this latest appearance seems to have significantly increased the number.

"She is so happy iovd her personality. So cheerful and egger to make it a fun time. ❤️"
"I always fail not to fall in love with hoyeon , oh my god she's so cute !"

Several fans also brought upon how well Lee Jung-jae could clean up, complimenting the veteran actor's suave good looks. Jimmy Fallon himself appeared to agree.

Fans commented on the YouTube video:

"i can't be the only one who found Jung Jae nonetheless, as Gi Hun or himself... this man is just FINE AS HELL"
"Jung Jae is so much more attractive when he’s all cleaned up. I almost didn’t even recognize him."

After this successful appearance, "World Domination" appears to be within reach for Squid Game, as some fans have stated.

Watch the whole video of the cast playing games here: