"Stop making stuff up" - Metro Boomin shuts down claims Drake and Future are fighting over women

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
Metro Boomin and Future at 2023 MTV Video Music Awards Show (Image via Getty)

Metro Boomin took to X on March 24, addressing rumors of artists Drake and Future reportedly fighting over women.

After a user on X posted a screenshot of a woman's account claiming that both artists were fighting over her, Metro responded by denying the claims.

"Yall n***as stop making stuff up for engagement and enjoy the music."

Metro's comments came after Future and Metro released their album, We Don't Trust You, featuring lyrics that some social media users believe are a diss against Drake.

Exploring Metro Boomin and Future's alleged beef with Drake

Metro responds to internet speculation about beef between Future and Drake (Image via X/@metroboomin)
Metro responds to internet speculation about beef between Future and Drake (Image via X/@metroboomin)

Future and Metro Boomin recently released their joint album, We Don't Trust You. Social media users speculate that the lyrics of the album's first song are reportedly a diss against Drake.

"You a n*gga number one fan, dog/ Sneak dissin', I don't understang, dog/ Pillowtalkin' actin' like a fed, dog/I don't need another fake friend, dog'

As per social media speculations, the word "dog" in the song is in reference to Drake's October 2023 album, For All The Dogs. In Drake's What Would Pluto Do from the album, he mentions having s*x with a girl because "Pluto" did it. Future is often known as Pluto, and his name on his Instagram handle is "Future PLUTO Hendrix."

"Last time I saw her she was f****** with my n****. So the question, the question is, what would Pluto do? He'd f*** the h** so I did it."

Back in 2013, Future, in a Billboard interview, criticized Drake and compared their albums, after which he was taken off Drake's 39-city tour. In the interview, Future said:

"Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn't grab you. THey're not possessive, they don't make you feel the way I do. I want to make you want to fall in love."

Metro Boomin had also criticized the success of Drake's collab album with 21 Savage, Her Loss, in a tweet. He criticized award shows and pointed out that his album, Heroes and Villains, had more streams than any rap album since 2018.

"Yet Her Loss keeps winning rap ablum of the year over H&V. Proof that award shows are just politics and not for me. Idc about awards honestly, the true award and REWARD is knowing that the music I spend so much time on brings joy to people's everyday lives."

However, when a fan took to X on December 30, asking Metro if he and Drake were "seriously beefing," Metro Boomin responded, saying, "Not deep at all lmao."

Metro Boomin and Future have a second album slated for release on April 12.

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