“Such a supportive hyung as usual”: Fans touched as EXO’s Baekhyun extends his best wishes to fellow bandmate Sehun’s military enlistment

EXO's Baekhyun wishes Sehun ahead of his enlistment (Images via Twitter/theseoulstory and baekcon04)

EXO's maknae, Sehun, the only remaining to fulfill his mandatory military service, has officially disclosed his enlistment plans and date. This announcement came through a handwritten letter shared by the star on Weverse. In the now 8-member group, all other members have completed their military service, with Kai being the most recent to enlist a few months ago.

In response to this enlistment news, Sehun's fellow bandmate and elder, Baekhyun, shared supportive words after reading the letter. Baekhyun stepped in to back Sehun, encouraging fans to send their well wishes for his good health and expressing confidence that he would return soon. Following Sehun's Weverse letter, Baekhyun also posted a Weverse comment.

"Please leave lots of messages of support for Sehun," urges EXO's Baekhyun to fans

Oh Se-hun, the youngest ten-year-old K-pop group EXO member, is finally ready to enlist for mandatory military service. Sehun, currently a 28-year-old, has revealed that his enlistment date would be December 21, 2023.

Member Kai, the second maknae of the group, enlisted on May 11, 2023, and is currently in the military. During Kai’s enlistment, the entire group had gathered to send him off. Photos of the event were circulated on social media.

Regarding Sehun’s unexpected news, he penned a letter and posted it on Weverse. His letter read,

"Hello this is Sehun. Are you all doing well? I am writing this letter because I have to tell you all something. I will be enlisting in the military as of December 21. I apologize for announcing this news to EXO-L’s so late. These days, I’ve been spending time alone, reflecting on myself and thinking deeply."
"Because of that, I am unable to show my face to you, so I’m saying hello to you like this. I hope you can understand me not being able to say hello in person. Thank you so much to everyone who cares for me. I hope everyone stays healthy until the day we meet again. I will also come back in good health. Thank you."

He shared with the fans his introspective journey, expressing that he had been contemplating his life and decided to commence his military service. Sehun also extended his wishes for everyone to stay safe and healthy, assuring EXO's return to meet the fans after this temporary period.

As for responses to this letter, none of the members have commented. However, the exception is Baekhyun, who has come forward with a message.

"Sehun’s military enlistment letter has gone up…I know that EXO-L’s are frustrated, but Sehun and the other members are all thinking about EXO and EXO-L’s. Let’s all have a huge party together when we meet again. Please leave lots of messages of support for Sehun."

As the responsible elder brother, Baekhyun encouraged fans to wholeheartedly support Sehun's decision, emphasizing his deep affection for his dongsaeng. Fans were flooded with nostalgia, recalling when the younger one bid farewell to the elder brother a couple of years ago, and now the roles have reversed.

Baekhyun's heartfelt wishes for Sehun resonated deeply with fans, evoking emotional responses and highlighting the cherished bond shared among these bandmates.

As Sehun embarks on his military service, a moment filled with emotions for fans, there's a collective anticipation that all EXO members will conclude their military commitments by 2025. Fans eagerly await the much-anticipated comeback of the entire group in 2025, envisioning exciting concert tours across the globe.

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Edited by Pradyot Hegde
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