“That was the humor I was raised on”: Gabbie Hanna apologizes for her old racially charged content

Gabbie Hanna apologizes for her racist vines in episode 3 of her confession series (Image via YouTube)
Gabbie Hanna apologizes for her racist vines in episode 3 of her confession series (Image via YouTube)

Following her ongoing confession series, Gabbie Hanna recently posted a video apologizing for her old content, which was soaked in racially charged humor.

30-year-old Gabbie Hanna is a YouTuber and former Vine star. She amassed over five million subscribers on YouTube and was very popular on Vine.

However, Hanna has recently come under fire for multiple controversies surrounding other influencers such as Jessi Smiles, Jen Dent, and Trisha Paytas, whom she has negatively spoken about.


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Gabbie Hanna apologizes for not being aware of the racism

In episode 3 of her new series called "Confessions of a Washedup YouTube Hasbeen," Gabbie Hanna detailed all of her wrongdoings that had occurred during her Vine years.

She began by addressing the racist remarks she made in those videos, claiming that everyone around her "told [her] it was right," despite receiving comments that said otherwise.

"I did a Vine saying I was going to steal all the baby daddies, which is racist for a lot of reasons. It's not my place to make a joke about it. I didn't know how to address it. That sucked and I'm really sorry for that. I tried to ignore the voices that told me it was wrong because so many people told me it was right."

The 30-year-old continued by stating that her old sense of humor was what she knew growing up, given that it was popularized regardless of mal-intent.

"Please don't take this as me trying to justify it, but that was the humor I was raised on. That's what was funny in media, that's what was popular on Vine. As somebody who tried to be popular on Vine, I did that."

Hanna ended the video by pointing out that her white privilege allowed her to get away with her racial content.

"I got away with it. That's crazy. Deadass, do you think I would've gotten away with that if I was Black? Or really any other race but White? That is White privilege."

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Fans appreciate Gabbie Hanna for taking accountability

Fans took to Twitter to shout out Gabbie Hanna for taking accountability for her racist Vine videos from earlier.

However, some were still dismayed that the YouTuber chose to ignore everyone who urged her to apologize to Jessi Smiles.

Fans of Gabbie Hanna's confession series are waiting to see if the YouTuber will be posting another episode of her "beef" with Trisha Paytas.

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