The BTS Effect: Husband secures a PTD Seoul ticket, leaves wife at home to attend concert

BTS post-concert picture for PTD Seoul Day 2 (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS post-concert picture for PTD Seoul Day 2 (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

K-pop supergroup BTS has not only taken over the world with its charms but also South Korea. MBC interviewed fans attending the Permission to Dance On Stage - Seoul concert. They interviewed a husband who had hilarious reasons for attending the content. The video went viral on South Korean social media.

The husband and wife tried to secure a concert ticket on their own. However, only the former got his hands on the ticket. The interviewer asked if he thought of giving the wife his ticket, but he dodged the bullet by blaming HYBE's ticket policy.

The incident aired on national television and has fans in splits since then. Some hoped for a similar connection with their soulmates in the future, while others laughed at the situation. MBC covered the second day of the concert on ground.

“This is the fault of HYBE’s policy, it’s not my fault”: Interview of a husband leaving wife at home to attend BTS’ PTD Seoul concert goes viral

Securing tickets for a BTS concert is nothing less than Hunger Games for fans. Millions compete for a few thousand seats, and few get a chance to get their hands on them. The same happened with a married couple. During the sales period, the couple tried their best to book tickets, but in the end, only the husband was able to earn a ticket.

The now-viral incident came to light when MBC covered the Seoul concert on March 12. The reporters talked about seeing a husband alone at the stadium and, when asked, said that he was the only one who was “successful in pre-ordering” the ticket.

Stunned a bit at the comment, the on-ground reporter couldn’t hide his laughter. He proceeded to confirm if his wife didn’t make it to the concert with him. He also asked if the husband didn’t give the love of his life BTS tickets.

“So your wife didn’t make it? No concessions?”

Without a second thought, the husband confidently replied,

“This is the fault of HYBE’s policy, it’s not my fault.”

Watch the video from the 1:35 mark:


Fans believe the “fault” refers to HYBE’s ticket policy which restricts people from gifting or transferring tickets to others in South Korea. Tickets usually have the buyer’s name printed on them, and IDs are checked at multiple intervals to ensure only the ticket holder attends the event.

As fans went berserk over the hilarious incident, some even noted that a mother also left her daughter alone at home as she was the only one who secured tickets to the concert. Many jokingly called being an ARMY was everyone’s highest priority compared to others in society.

March 13 marked the last concert day in Seoul. BTS will take a break and head to the 64th Grammys in April.

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