The end of an era: Jessi's Showterview ends on a heartwarming note

Cho Jung-shik and Jessi click selfies after wrapping up Jessi's Showterview (Images via @ayoj6ix/Instagram)
Cho Jung-shik and Jessi click selfies after wrapping up Jessi's Showterview (Images via @ayoj6ix/Instagram)

Jessi's Showterview, the American NUNA NANA rapper’s unique variety talk show, gave fans a fitting farewell before announcing its end on April 29, 2022. The latest episode, No. 95, featured the Gangnam Style creator and Jessi’s company’s CEO, PSY.

As fans tuned in to watch the legendary K-pop superstar’s camaraderie with his agency artist, they were in for a surprise when guest MC Cho Jung-shik and Jessi announced that it was the last episode of the beloved variety show towards the end.

Cho Jung-shik even prepared a lie detector test for Jessi. He asked a couple of questions regarding her thoughts on the show, and asked her about the possibility of returning to host Showterview season 2.

Jessi's Showterview

wraps up after two years and 155 guests


Unarguably a unique variety show for the Korean entertainment industry, Jessi's Showterview became an instant hit with international and domestic viewers. The talk show featured K-pop idols and artists as guests, with Cold Blooded rapper Jessi as the uncensored, brazen MC.

Starting in 2020, the show was a cultural shock for many K-pop idols as she would openly discuss smoking, plastic surgery, and more, revealing a new side of the idols reacting to her talks. With a total of 95 episodes, the show featured 155 guests.

On April 29, Jessi's Showterview posted its 95th episode featuring PSY for his first comeback promotion in five years with the release of PSY 9th.

Towards the end of the episode, Cho Jung-shik and Jessi announced that the show had ended. The latter was visibly emotional while relaying the news.

Cho Jung-shik took the initiative to reassure fans, as an emotional Jessi sat beside him. He said:

“You may question “It’s going great! Why are you ending the show?” but as the saying goes, 'When there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.' We came to the conclusion that it would be meaningful to say goodbye while we are receiving your love.”

Jessi even shared that she wanted to make the guests feel comfortable. She said she thought many could have considered Jessi's Showterview a “noisy” show because she treated the guests in her unique way rather than the formal Korean way.

“Honestly, they could’ve thought 'This show is too noisy' or 'That’s too much' because we all have different cultures… but thank you so much for thinking highly of us."

Moreover, during the lie detector test, Cho Jung-shik asked Jessi if she believed the best thing about Showterview was working with him. The American rapper replied "100%," adding that she “couldn’t have done it without” him.

Towards the end, Cho Jung-shik asked the NUNU NANA rapper if she would return to host a sequel. She replied that she would if the timing is right, but it would take a while. She said she needs some healing time and would want to “come back better and stronger mentally.”

Jessi and Cho Jung-shik then ended Jessi's Showterview with their energetic ending tagline, leaving the possibility of a sequel wide open for fans.

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