“The Freckles”: BTS’ RM wins over ARMYs with his look from the upcoming photobook, Entirety

BTS' RM poses for photobook Entirety (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
BTS' RM poses for photobook Entirety (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

Bangtan members continue their photobook series, and the second in line is BTS’ RM.

On August 22, BTS’ RM shared a new look from his upcoming photobook Me, Myself, and RM ‘Entirety’.

In the latest photos, RM’s face has been covered with beautiful and intricate freckles as one of his eyes remains covered with a giant sunflower as he stares directly into the camera.

His graphite grey hair and sun-kissed skin tone added beauty to the frame. ARMYs are aware of his love of art and artistic things and have taken to social media platforms to heap praise on his “Freckles” and the aesthetic photobook shoot that has won over the internet.

“THE FRECKLES” have taken over worldwide Twitter trends and fans agree that BTS’ RM should sport this look more often.

ARMYs praised BTS’ RM for his aesthetic photoshoot for upcoming “Entirety” photobook series

Fans even praised the contrast of colors, with the pinkish freckles complementing the warm colors of the background, with the bright yellow sunflower pulling all the focus and attention as the standout color in the frame.

Additionally, ARMYs also love the gold choker, appreciating BTS’ RM as a true fashionista.

Fans pointed out that this isn’t the first time RM has sported freckles in a photoshoot, and dug out some of his past pictures where he can be seen with gorgeous freckles on his face.

RM has been teasing concept photos and videos for the upcoming photobook. Shortly after Jung Kook wrapped his photobook series, RM unveiled his “Entirety” series on August 19 with pictures of a white screen against the bright, shining sun, a black and white picture of a chair with books, and the final one, a sepia-toned photo where we can see RM’s silhouette.

Eagle-eyed ARMYs came to the conclusion that through these photos, RM hinted at his upcoming solo album.

His previous album was titled MONO and his studio is named rkive, so ARMYs are convinced that BTS’ RM will probably name his upcoming album “Neutral.”

Next, RM unveiled a charming “Entirety Skit.” In the audio video, the Bangtan leader reveals why he chose this concept and how personally involved he has been in the making of the photobook and how it represents his artistic side beautifully.


In the next set of photos, he showcased his handsome and charismatic self with these wonderful photos.

With the next set of self-portraits, RM has gifted ARMYs with his beautiful looks, one after the other.

BTS’ RM shares an update regarding his upcoming album

In a live stream chat with fans on July 21, RM revealed that his upcoming solo album is almost ready and he might be the next member after j-hope to release his work.

He said:

“I’m just turning on the live to say… look out for my album, stay tuned.”

He revealed that his album is 90 percent done and all he needs to do is complete filming for the music video and other things related to the album.

He went on to share that his new album (which might be titled “Neutral” based on the aforementioned information) will be vastly different from his previous two albums.

RM has not yet revealed when he will release his upcoming photobook “Entirety.” Fans are hoping it will be released around his birthday on September 12 as that would be the perfect present for ARMYs.

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