"The real reputation that she has in Potomac is that of an old drunk Black lady": Charrisse addresses her fight with Karen in RHOP

RHOP star Charrisse opens up about her feud with Karen Huger
RHOP star Charrisse opens up about her feud with Karen Huger (Image via Instagram/@1charrisse)

RHOP star Charrisse recently opened up about her co-star Karen Huger in an interview with Carlos King. She spoke about how she knew of Karen and heard rumours about her before the show even started. Charrisse said that Karen was always referred to as "the old black lady."

She stated that Karen would get drunk and fall off stools in restaurants. She added:

"That’s the real reputation that she has in Potomac, as the old drunk black lady that falls off of the bar stools."

Watch the interview below:


RHOP’s Charrisse opens up about her feud with Karen

During the podcast interview, Carlos brought up the RHOP season 2 reunion that took place in 2017, where Charrisse accused Karen of being unfaithful to her husband. She said that her co-star had called her a “New Jersey Harlot,” which is why she said what she said.


Karen and another housewife had separately accused Charrisse of being unfaithful to her husband during season 2, and the podcast host asked her if there was any truth in that. Charrisse replied:

"No, she wants to say that... I mean, she wants to make sure these things about me. People talk about me I’m not gonna act like my life is perfect."

Charrisse added that someone said that she was “messing” with someone political in Jersey, but she doesn’t know any politician.

Carlos asked Charrisse whether she's going to talk about this in season 7, which is currently on air since the trailer suggested Karen getting up from her seat and “pointing fingers in your [Charrisse] face,” and telling her to not f*** with her and her husband.

However, a couple of weeks ago, the RHOP star also said that she doesn’t like to meddle with her co-star.


Charrisse further explained that Karen doesn’t have a reason not to like her, but she’s made it her life’s mission to talk about her for unfathomable reasons.

While the two have been on the outs since season 2, during season 5, Charrisse told Karen that she had been a bad friend to her while she herself had been there for Karen when she had to deal with her parents.

Both have elder parents, so they were both going through the same “stages of life” with their parents, and she always believed they were good friends. She said:

"If Karen would call me and would be emotional, I would drop what I was doing and run to make sure she’s good."

The RHOP star further stated that when her father passed, Karen sent her a text message expressing her condolences but nothing else.


Catch the upcoming episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac season 7 on January 15, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. In the upcoming episode, Karen gives the other housewives her side of the story about why she stopped being friends with Charrisse, however, not everyone believes her.

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