"They wouldn’t let me do the antagonist": 2PM’s Taecyeon breaks silence on JYP Entertainment restricting his acting career in recent interview

Ok Taecyon on Eric Nam
Ok Taecyon on Eric Nam's Daebak show (image via instagram/taecyonokay and twitter/OnMyWay2SeeU)

One of the most popular K-drama actors and K-pop artists, Ok Taec-yeon, mononymously known as Taecyeon, shed light on the restrictions imposed upon him during his time under JYP Entertainment. He revealed that the agency did not allow him to take on antagonist roles, as shared in a recent interview video, thereby limiting his growth as an actor.

This eventually led him to part ways with the company on July 25, 2018, while still remaining a member of his K-pop group, 2PM.

In the recently released episode of the Daebak show, on July 11, 2023, Taecyeon, the multi-talented K-drama actor and K-pop artist, engaged in an interview with host and solo K-pop star Eric Nam and spoke about his journey as an actor and what it means to him.

It was also during this discussion that he touched upon his past agency, JYP Entertainment, and their prohibition on him taking on negative roles.

"I’m just saying a literal fact that they wouldn’t let me do the antagonist. They wouldn’t let me do a film role. I had to be a very nice guy who could be a rebel but not a serial killer or a hated guy."

The idol-actor also spoke about his time in the company as well as his exciting acting projects on the show.

Taecyeon explains his departure from JYP Entertainment, recent projects, and time in America


During the conversation with Eric Nam, Taecyeon was asked to share more details about his acting career, and he began by discussing one of his most notable roles as a villain in the widely acclaimed K-drama, Vincenzo. Expressing a sense of pride, he highlighted how this role allowed him to delve deeper into his acting abilities and helped him further refine his craft.

Taecyeon also clarified that he understood JYP Entertainment's perspective, as they aimed to protect the overall image of the group. They were cautious about one member playing a negative role potentially affecting the collective image. He emphasized that his intention was not to criticize or speak ill of the group, but simply to state the facts regarding the restrictions he faced.

Reflecting on his relationship with the other members of 2PM, the artist shared that due to their individual busy schedules, creating new music together would impose significant pressure on all of them. As a result, they collectively decided to hold a one-time concert, allowing them to reconnect with their fans and enjoy each other's company.

During the interview, the star shared that the group's 15th anniversary was approaching, which led to the decision to hold the concert. In addition, he touched upon the close bond he shares with his groupmates, revealing that they affectionately refer to each other's mothers as "moms." This endearing gesture reflects the deep level of camaraderie and familial connection within the group.

He also shared his experience of appearing on Netflix's XO Kitty. He mentioned about receiving a form to fill out, which presented five to six categories to choose from. Among them, he selected the "model" category, which got him the role as a visual model for the show.

"I went to the audition and they had like these six to five different categories and you can try out singing, no, dancing, no, comedian, I don’t think so, oh model, umm yeah model it is. I did the catwalk too."

Eric Nam and Taecyeon then engaged in a lighthearted discussion, reminiscing about the challenges they faced when using the internet during their childhood and teenage years. Having spent a significant amount of time in America and being a duo of 34-year-olds currently, they humorously reflected on their early experiences with the introduction of the internet. Looking back on the times, Taec said:

"If you try to like download a picture it’ll be like pixel by pixel, *chuckles* you’ll never be able to see it."

The idol's new acting venture has left fans excited

Taecyeon is ready to embark on an exciting new journey as his latest drama, Heartbeat, premiered on June 26, 2023, and is still airing. This time, he has taken on the intriguing role of a villain, adding a captivating twist by portraying both the protagonist and antagonist. Anticipation from fans has been running high, especially following his successful performances in previous dramas like Vincenzo and XO Kitty.

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement and share their anticipation for this new series, gushing over his portrayal of a vampire in Heartbeat.

The actor was also taken aback by a comment during the Daebak show that said that his fans are often forgetful about his English and the fact that he is fluent in the language. K-drama fans are huge believers of the fact that Taecyeon's English accent, adorably known as "Taeclish" by his fan, really sets him apart.

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Edited by Susrita Das
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