“This is bromance”: Crash Course in Romance fans are raving over the growing friendship between Lee Sun-jae and Sun Geon-hu

Featuring Lee Chae-min and Lee Min-jae (Image via minnjaee Instagram)
Lee Chae-min and Lee Min-jae (Image via minnjaee/Instagram)

Crash Course in Romance, which has been airing since January 14, 2023, is currently one of the most trending Korean dramas on Netflix.

The romantic and comedic drama depicts the life of a maths teacher famous for his teaching skills and a star teacher in his neighborhood. Meanwhile, the former national athlete runs a side dish store to provide for her family. She decided to admit her daughter into the star teacher’s Maths class as she requested.

Released on Sunday, February 26, episode 14 showcased a rollercoaster of emotions as the show drastically revealed the main culprit behind the mysterious murders. At the same time, fans saw bromance between rising actors Lee Chae-min and Lee Min-jae, depicting the role of high school students Lee Sun-jae and Sun Geon-hu in Crash Course in Romance.

“Protect geon-hu and sun-jae friendship at all cost!”: Crash Course in Romance fans wants to protect the newest bromance

As the two characters, Sun-jae and Geon-hu, rapidly get closer in Crash Course in Romance, fans can’t get enough of how their friendship has deepened. Since having a crush on Nam Hae-yi and a friendly rivalry, the two have come a long way.

Following a fight scene, the teacher asked Sun-jae and Geon-hu to write an apology letter, which the former refused. Sun-jae said he would write a letter and help Geon-hu, to which the latter said this act made his heart flutter.

Slowly but steadily, the two were seen sharing some bromance moments when Sun-jae was seen helping Geon-hu with his studies while Nam Hae-yi got occupied with something.

In one episode, Hae-yi was suspected of committing suicide because of exam pressure, and Sun-jae overhears it. He thinks she committed suicide because of the study material he had given her, and that same material appeared in the exam the next day.

Subsequently, after hearing that she failed in her reading papers, Sun-jae decided to end his life by jumping off the school’s terrace. However, Geon-hu reaches on time and tries to stop him multiple times. He even had to use violence to stop his friend from committing such an offense in Crash Course in Romance.

Like a true friend, Geon-ho guides Sun-jae to the right path and helps him fight his fears. Fans could not get enough of their growing romance and are sharing their thoughts on social media.

Following the incident, Geon-hu told Sun-jae that he missed class again, and his mom used to tell him to choose his friends wisely, but there he was, wasting his time with a friend who was about to end his life. Geon-hu advises the latter to face problems head-on and reveals everything that has been the cause of trouble between him and Hae-yi in Crash Course in Romance.

Fans cannot wait to see what the show has in store for the characters in episodes 15 and 16 because all they want is for them to have a happy ending.

More about Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance has created a buzz among K-drama fans with its fascinating storyline, creating a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the weekend. The show features mega-stars, including Jung Kyung-ho and Jo Do-yeon, who plays the role of Choi Chi-yeol and Nam Heong-seon.

The series has also shed light on some harsh realities of the education system in South Korea. The show showcases how it pressurizes students to devote all their time to their studies and does not create space for any other studies ahead of college entrance exams.

Crash Course in Romance is available to stream on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday.

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