“This is so precious”: BTS’ Jimin shares story behind pre-debut birthday gift by the members, fans find it adorable

BTS' Jimin shares an adorable pre-debut birthday story with fans (Images via Instagram/j.m and X/btskzsupremacy)

Before the release of his album FACE's behind-the-scenes documentary release, BTS’ Jimin shared some stories with his fans on Weverse's keyboard interview. Released on YouTube on Thursday, October 12, 2023, the interview showed the idol revealed his most memorable birthday from the pre-debut time. BTS debuted in 2013, and BTS’ Jimin was the last member to join the group that same year.

Discussing his birthday, BTS’ Jimin noted that the members pooled in to give him a gift despite not even being finalized for debut. He said that he kept the gift "safe" for several years until he eventually lost it while shifting houses. While narrating the story, the Like Crazy singer was embarrassed and let out a little laugh. He even apologized for losing the precious gift.

When fans saw the video, they couldn't control their joy and happiness at what they called a "precious" statement. Fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to express how much they loved singer with one fan even saying:

Fans find BTS’ Jimin adorable as he reveals the pre-debut birthday gift he received from the members and lost

HYBE announced on October 10, 2023, that it will release BTS' Jimin's solo documentary titled Jimin’s Production Diary. The movie reportedly lays out "candid emotions and thoughts" that went through the singer's mind while he was working on his debut album FACE. It also gives fans an in-dept look into the production process and the mindset of the 27-year-old singer during FACE’s inception.


Jimin’s Production Diary will only be released on Weverse, unlike other members’ documentaries that were released on Disney Plus. To promote the movie, Weverse released a keyword interview with the Like Crazy singer about several things.

In response to the question of what was his most memorable birthday, BTS’ Jimin mentioned the gift he received from members during their pre-debut time.

The Like Crazy singer said that he remembered his birthday during his trainee years.

“The members... It was before I was confirmed to be in the team. They pooled their money together and bought me a bracelet. I kept it safe in a box for a really long time. But I lost it. I lost it while moving. I'm sorry,” the singer said.

The story touched fans’ hearts and they reacted lovingly to it. With the septet celebrating their tenth year in the industry this year, fans love the group's pre-debut stories as they give them an insight into the group's past.

Fans couldn’t help but call BTS’ Jimin “sweet,” “precious,” and some even got nostalgic about the seven members being together. One X user even called them “my little family.”

Meanwhile, Jimin’s Production Diary is scheduled to be released on October 23, 2023. Previously, j-hope released j-hope in the Box and SUGA released Road to D-Day as documentaries of their album and concert tour respectively.

BTS’ Jin, j-hope, and SUGA are currently enlisted in the military for their conscription. RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook are yet to enlist. However, the internet has been rife with speculations about the four remaining members beginning mandatory military service soon, considering they have often mentioned reuniting in 2025.

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