"This is terrifying": 'All of Us Are Dead' Thailand ad features a fake bloody school bus

'All of Us Are Dead' Thailand advertisement (Image via Instagram/netflixth)
'All of Us Are Dead' Thailand advertisement (Image via Instagram/netflixth)

Netflix has upped its promotions for All of Us Are Dead, the upcoming zombie apocalyptic K-drama in Thailand. The on-ground advert contained a fake bloody school bus going around the country's streets, with LED screens in place of windows playing clips of teenagers stuck inside.

The otherwise creative marketing strategy was criticized for being gore-ish and disturbing, especially with being open in public with no warnings. Korean netizens took to theqoo and discussed how scary the advertisement looked.

Netflix’s creative ‘All of Us Are Dead’ advertisements go sideways

To promote the K-drama to the public, Netflix’s Thailand division invested in a creative yet spine-chilling advertisement. With on-ground marketing campaigns constantly upping the game with 3D or AR technology, the production company created a similar atmosphere.

The promotions involved a fake bloody and messy school bus roaming the streets of Thailand. It was covered with Netflix logos, bloody handprints, and scratches. The attention-grabbing element was the use of LED screens in place of windows and doors.

A Twitterati even recorded a video of the bus as the screens played clips of students trapped in a zombie-filled bus, asking for help.

K-netizens were majorly concerned for the weak-hearted and kids, who might not be able to take in the violence as fake. Moreover, it could also lead to problems while driving.

Although creative, the advertisement received global attention as a majority of netizens talked about how terrifying the bus looked:

"Wow, it's new and fun, but if I think about seeing this when I was a kid, I would have been very scared."
"I'm immune to fear, so it was fun, but looking at the comments, it might be dangerous. You might be surprised if that car suddenly jumps out of you while driving."
"I think it would be very dangerous while driving."
"I think it would be great to see something like that on the street, but is there no consideration for babies or the weak?"

However, there were also people who praised the idea and loved the addition of moving clips. The advertisement made them look forward to All of Us Are Dead even more:

On-ground marketing campaigns are not new for Netflix. The company did the same for Squid Game with the Red Light, Green Light doll, although it wasn't as violent as the faux blood-stained bus.

All of Us Are Dead attracted global attention the moment the teaser dropped. With flawless makeup, zombies, and romantic storylines, it became one of the most anticipated K-dramas of 2022.

From the land of classic zombie thrillers, All of Us Are Dead offers a refreshing twist. The K-drama, filled with fairly fresh faces, is an adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name and focuses on a high school that becomes ground-zero of the zombie virus.

The thriller All of Us Are Dead will premiere exclusively on Netflix on January 28.

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