TREASURE's Bang Ye-dam and Mashiho to continue hiatus, agency announces 10-member summer comeback 

YG Entertainment announces 10-member comeback for TREASURE (Image via Instagram/@yg_treasure_official)
YG Entertainment announces 10-member comeback for TREASURE (Image via Instagram/@yg_treasure_official)

On Wednesday, July 13, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE will continue promoting with ten members till the end of 2022.

In a statement, the agency confirmed the group’s summer comeback and tour plans. They also stated that Bang Ye-dam and Mashiho’s hiatus, which was announced in May, will continue till the end of the year.

The company said:

“TREASURE has been promoting as a 10-member group due to personal reasons and health of the individual members. It has been decided that the group will continue to do so for their comeback this summer and tour, which will continue until the end of the year.”

Bang Ye-dam and Mashiho to sit out TREASURE activities, citing personal and health reasons

The original 12-member act TREASURE has some exciting content lined up for this year. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, two members of the group, Bang Ye-dam and Mashiho, will not be participating in the same.

The duo have been on a hiatus since May 2022. YG Entertainment announced that Bang Ye-dam was taking a break to study music further and Mashiho was extending his break in Japan due to certain health issues. It wasn’t revealed if the health problems pertained to the idol or someone else.

For TREASURE’s new comeback, a summer release, the group will continue working as a ten-member act. The agency brought up that fans might feel upset because of the situation, but reassured them that the remaining members will try their best to give equally energetic performances.

“Although we are facing internal difficulties and we understand how fans are upset, the remaining 10 members are putting in all their efforts in preparations for their upcoming activities so that fans won’t feel the absences of the other two members.”

Moreover, YG Entertainment confirmed that the group will “soon be back with even better music as a more mature group,” while celebrating their second debut anniversary next month in August 2022.

Fans remain divided over Bang Ye-dam and Mashiho’s hiatus

The announcement regarding the JIKJIN group's future activities has received mixed responses. On the one hand, fans expressed their wish to wait for all the group members to start promoting together and posted heartwarming messages on Twitter.

However, some fans are concerned over the lack of information regarding the duo and the treatment they are receiving. They pointed out that the statement did not mention Bang Ye-dam and Mashiho's names, which was shocking. One fan even stated that they are being treated as “kicked out” members.

Meanwhile, the group’s last release was The Second Step: Chapter One in February 2022 and the title track JIKJIN received much recognition. The track made headlines when it was revealed that the music video cost 500 million KRW, similar to some of BLACKPINK’s music video productions.

The album’s b-side track DARARI went viral on TikTok at the start of the year, which broadened the group's fanbase further. It will be exciting to see what new avatars and music the group will greet their fans with in their upcoming summer comeback.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee