Troye Sivan shares how collaboration with Stray Kids’ Hyunjin materialized, calls it “really organic”

Troye Sivan talks about his collaboration with Stray Kids
Troye Sivan talks about his collaboration with Stray Kids' Hyunjin (Images via Instagram/troyesivan and hynjinnnn)

Popular Australian singer Troye Sivan recently opened up about how he happened to collaborate with Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and PinkPantheress for a remix of the song Rush. On August 30, the triple J radio station released an interview clip with the Angel Baby singer talking about the much-anticipated remix.

A few days ago, Troye Sivan and Hyunjin went viral as K-pop fans speculated that they were possibly collaborating on a track. Both artists had also created incredible buzz on the internet when they met at Dua Lipa X Versace's La Vacanza 2023 Fashion Show in May.

The Angel Baby singer has been quite vocal about his admiration for the K-pop idol. While speaking to the radio hosts regarding the exciting collaboration, he mentioned how the entire process was "actually really organic" and that it all came together in the last few weeks.

Troye Sivan shares the story behind meeting and collaborating with Stray Kids' Hyunjin and PinkPantheress

Troye Sivan, the popular Australian singer behind viral hits Strawberries & Cigarettes and Angel Baby recently surprise-announced his collaboration with PinkPantheress and K-pop idol Hyunjin from the group Stray Kids for the remix of his recent track Rush. It marks the first foreign collaboration for the Stray Kids rapper.

Ahead of the song's release, Troye Sivan sat down with the popular Australian radio channel, triple J, and talked to them about how he joined hands with the Stray Kids rapper.

The hosts asked the Australian singer if it was difficult to keep the news under wraps, especially when he had expressed his desire to work with the Stray Kids’ rapper only in July. The Angel Baby singer opened up, sharing that the process was organic and happened within a few weeks.

“So, it was actually really organic. I didn’t know then… This came together in the last few weeks because…”

He first mentioned his meeting with PinkPantheress and how they had a fun night.

“PinkPantheress and I have met once at just, like, a party. …I knew who she was. Of course, I don’t know if she had listened to my music. We had a really fun night, though. She’s so nice and so cool. And so we just had this, like, party night together basically."

Troye Sivan then added how his meeting with Hyunjin in France for the fashion event made him check out his videos and music. It was after the fashion show that they began talking, and eventually all those conversations led to the trio’s exciting collaboration.

“Then I met Hyunjin in France. We were at this fashion show, and I just kind of, like, went down the rabbit hole afterwards of watching videos, listening to the music, and then kind of simultaneously the conversations were happening, and then they both hopped on the song… and yeah, it comes out really soon…”


Meanwhile, Rush (feat. PinkPantheress & Hyunjin of Stray Kids) was finally released on August 31, 2023.

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