WATCH: Surveillance video shows Texas attorney Gavin Rush attempting to shoot ex-girlfriend at a bar

Gavin Rush tried to shoot his ex-girlfriend (Image via McKenzie Kelly/Twitter)
Gavin Rush tried to shoot his ex-girlfriend (Image via MacKenzie Kelly/Twitter)

A surveillance video captured Gavin Rush, an attorney from Austin, Texas, allegedly trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend at the bar where she worked on Saturday, police said in a statement.

On Saturday, November 26, Gavin Rush, 41, was arrested after barging into the Anderson Mill Pub with a gun and pulling it out with the intent to shoot his ex-girlfriend, who was behind the bar working at the time. Gavin Rush, who has a history of violence, was released just two days after the incident on a $40,000 bond.

Earlier this week there was a shooting at a local bar in my district. This attorney belongs behind bars, pending a lengthy jury of his peers. I’m deeply disturbed watching this video and committed to a safe city.

Rush, a disgruntled ex-boyfriend, reportedly pulled out the gun after the former girlfriend refused to speak with him at the scene. The suspect was then tackled by two bystanders who leaped out of their seats after seeing a laser light from the gun pointed at the woman behind the bar. Officials said that no one was injured during the incident.

Gavin Rush fired multiple shots at the scene

Gavin Rush walked into Anderson Mill Pub in Austin with a handgun and the full intention of shooting his ex girlfriend. Two men wrestled him to the ground and thankfully no one was shot after he fired off 3 rounds. He’s now out on bail. Why is this @GovAbbott @GregAbbott_TX

A video shared by Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly showed Gavin Rush, who is seen carrying a satchel, walking up to the bar and talking to the woman. Seconds later, Rush pulls out a gun and fires multiple shots after being tackled by two customers at the bar.

One of the customers, while describing the ordeal to KUVE, said that Rush, who fired three shots when being tackled by the customers, tried to shoot himself in the head as they tried to restrain him on the floor. The customer added that one of the shots shattered the mirror behind the bar, where the woman stood during the confrontation. Part of the statement read:

“I don’t remember doing this, but I pushed his hand up and the gun went off. Then we started flying backwards. I turned and grabbed him around the neck and another shot went off.”

The woman told the police that Rush had recently learned of her new relationship and began sending texts threatening to harm himself, which were duly ignored.

This video inside of Anderson Mill Pub shows local lawyer Gavin Rush, pulling a gun out on his ex-girlfriend.Two customers tackled and held him down until police arrived.This happened Saturday, as of this morning he is out of jail. Bond was set at $40,000 (4,000 to get out).

Shortly after his arrest, Gavin Rush was released on bond despite a 2017 charge of assault and family violence against a different woman. It should be noted that Rush only posted 10% of the $40,000 bond amount.

One of the customers, while expressing their contempt at the low cap on the bond amount, said:

“For $4,000, you can get out, go home, and watch Netflix after trying to murder your ex-girlfriend — are you kidding me?”

Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly, who posted the video, echoed similar sentiments about the release. In a tweet, she said:

“This attorney belongs behind bars, pending a lengthy jury of his peers. I’m deeply disturbed watching this video and committed to a safe city.”
UPDATE: Lawyer Gavin Rush, seen attempting to shoot his ex-girlfriend at a bar on video, has been fired from his firm. @KVUE

Rush was charged with a second-degree felony, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and family violence. The attorney, who worked for Peiffer Wolf, was also fired from his law firm following the incident, the New York Post reported.

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