WATCH: Video shows Zayan Shar engaged in scuffle with NYPD officers before being arrested on assault charges

Zayan Shar was arrested after assaulting two NYPD cops, (image via @JamesAGagliano/Twitter)
Zayan Shar was arrested after assaulting two NYPD cops. (Image via JamesAGagliano/Twitter)

On November 29, a young man who assaulted two NYPD officers at a Brooklyn traffic intersection was arrested. Police identified the suspect as Zayan Shar, 21.

On Friday, November 25, at about 4:30 pm local time, Zayan allegedly tried to block traffic at a South Midwood Intersection. When two NYPD officials came to move him from there, he resisted and started fighting with them. According to the cops, he had been obstructing traffic at the intersection. He was even asked to move aside, but he refused to obey any order.

A video recording of the suspect's fight with the two NYPD officers has surfaced on the internet. Zayan was seen fleeing the scene soon after.

Flatbush. From "cops4freedom" on IG.How is this explained? Did this always happen? Has recruiting quality gone down? Is it due to restrictions placed on cops by the state legislature and city council?

Zayan Shar's scuffles with NYPD cops ends with assualt charges

Zayan Shar had been blocking traffic at a Brooklyn intersection and refused to move even after constant orders. The fight between Shar and the cops was caught on camera. The recorded video shows how Shar threw one of the cops down by the side of the road.

Former NYPD sergeant and adjunct professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Joseph Giacalone, said,

“I’ve seen a number of viral videos that show the same thing — NYPD cops trying to take a sole suspect into custody and can’t do it because of all the rules imposed against them.”

He further added that the situation could be a lot worse.

“It could have ended very badly for them. Forget about the embarrassed part, I’m talking dead. That kid could have done anything he wanted. He tossed that one cop like they were a rag doll.”

The cops said that Zayan had ignored all their orders to move aside and not block the traffic at the intersection.

Zayan Shar, who is a resident of Staten Island, is facing charges of assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Zayan Shar arrested after allegedly assaulting 2 NYPD officers in Brooklyn - CBS New York…

One of the two officials reportedly suffered injuries, including bruising and swelling. Zayan is also accused of pushing and punching one of the officers when they tried to arrest him.

Netizens condemn Shar’s behavior, restrictions on cops should be reduced

Netizens have reacted to and condemned Shar’s behavior. Many believed that this was a result of restrictions being imposed on the functioning of cops by the city council and state legislature. One user said,

“…Gone are the days when a badge and a gun meant something.”

Many users also mentioned that old-school policing should be brought back and that cops need to get tougher.

@CrimeInNYC When one side has to fight with so many restrictions against a bigger man it's not going to end well for the police
@47Rivera @CrimeInNYC They want Hugs and Five Fives cops. Any behaviour that strays into the aggressive, take charge style of policing from years ago is heavily “discouraged.”

One user tweeted,

“Where is the pepper spray? Taser? Baton?”

The concept of “use of force” has currently become a debatable topic. There have been many cases of police brutality and racism by police officials in the past. It has been claimed that the police officials themselves do not follow the guidelines well.

This often results in the imposition of stricter restrictions on cops. On the other hand, many people believe that these restrictions make it difficult for the police to do their jobs properly, as seen in the case of Zayan Shar.

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