WATCH: Bodycam footage shows NYPD officials pulling man from Manhattan subway tracks moments before train arrival

NYPD officers save a man on the Manhattan subway, (representative image) (image via Robert Foster/Twitter)
NYPD officers save a man on the Manhattan subway (Representative Image via Robert Foster/Twitter)

On Thursday, November 24, 2022, two NYPD officers along with a good Samaritan rescued a man from subway tracks moments before the arrival of the train.

The incident, which took place on the Manhattan subway, was recorded by a bodycam worn by one of the cops. Keechant Sewell, Commissioner of the NYPD, released the footage to the public on their official Twitter account. The post has received widespread appreciation on the micro-blogging platform.

The two cops, Brunel Victor and Taufique Bokth, were on duty and were patrolling the southbound platform when they noticed a person fall onto the platform. By the time the cops reached the man, a good Samaritan had jumped on the track to help the injured person.

The heroics of NY’s Finest always amazes me. For the @NYPD25Pct officers who rescued a man from an oncoming train after he accidentally fell on the subway tracks yesterday in Manhattan β€” the courage is second nature. Join me in saluting these great cops!

NYPD cops and a common man save a straphanger on the Manhattan subway

The two NYPD cops were busy inspecting and patrolling the platform on line 6, at the East 116 Street and Lexington Avenue subway station on Thursday at about 4 pm. In statements given by the NYPD to CNN, other commuters reported to the cops that a man had fallen on the tracks of a different platform.

By the time the officers reached the other platform to provide assistance and aid, a stander-by was already trying to save the man. The bodycam footage shows the two officers and the helpful person pulling the man and transferring him onto the platform. The footage also shows a train arriving just moments after the man was removed from the subway tracks.

The NYPD also stated that a third officer also arrived on the scene later. They noted that the officer was "able to use his prior medical training" to help the wounded man while they waited for medical personnel.

Due to the lack of a mezzanine at the East Harlem station, the cops had to jump upstairs, run across the street, to get to the platform where the man had fallen. People opened the emergency gate and the cops immediately got off the platform onto the tracks to help rescue the 40-year-old man.

@NYPDPC @NYPDnews @NYPD25Pct Wow.Good timing.Good work.

Speaking about the incident, Officer Victor said:

β€œI noticed a few people in the train making a commotion and then I heard a loud scream.”

He further added:

β€œOur daily thing is to help people. We don't care if we have to put ourselves on the line. That's why we do, that's why we take this job.”

According to Officer Bokth, while he was trying to get back on the platform, his gun belt got stuck. Two other men, including the good Samaritan and Officer Victor, pulled him up.

The man who fell on the tracks received injuries to his back and right hand. After removing him from the tracks, he was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside in NYC.

Netizens shower praises on the cops

After watching the footage on Twitter, netizens praised and appreciated the civilian and the cops.

NYPD saves man from an oncoming subway train |

Following the incident, a statement was released by MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber that read:

β€œThe joint commitment by Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams to have additional NYPD officers patrol in subway stations and on trains not only helps riders feel safer, but in this case enabled brave officers and a good Samaritan - in the finest tradition of New Yorkers helping each other - to save a life.”

Authorities believe the man fell on the tracks by accident. It has been reported that the injured man is in stable condition and is thought to be completely fine soon.

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