"We as a society are not ok": Internet stunned as TikTokers simp over Jeffrey Dahmer as boyfriend material

Twitter users urge others not to participate in Jeffrey Dahmer trends (image via Netflix)
Twitter users urge others not to participate in Jeffrey Dahmer trends (image via Netflix)

It has been a while since studios began releasing movies and shows that retell the stories of serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy. These retellings tend to spark some questionable trends on social media. Most of them involve viewing gruesome crime scene images, or even romanticizing the murderer.

Trigger warning: This article contains content that may be disturbing to read. Reader discretion is advised.

Following the release of Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, TikTokers have flooded the internet with a trend that attempts to show compassion for the killer. This trend involves people confessing how they feel sorry for him and how some of them think that he was "cute."

Needless to say, the internet isn't happy with these reactions as Dahmer had killed and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. A horrified Twitter user said:

"We as a society are not okay."
@jaubreyYT We as a society are not ok

TikTokers claim the Jeffrey Dahmer series is humanizing criminals

Since the release of Ryan Murphy's series, viewers have claimed that the storytelling on the show aims to "humanize" the killer. Meanwhile, the families of the victims have also claimed that the show "re-traumatized" them.

YouTuber Pancho also released a video showing a few TikTokers claiming to "feel sorry" for Dahmer, especially after learning about his death. Pancho said that such movies and shows have a way of making the characters "look good."

The YouTuber continued to add that these movies and shows are popular because the lead role is played by a person considered to be a Hollywood heartthrob.


While Evan Peters plays the role of the killer in the new series, Ross Lynch and Jeremy Renner have also played the role in different movies. These actors are known for their looks, which explains how viewers can have a soft spot for them.

Like Pancho says, although this explains it, it doesn't excuse it. Viewers forget the victims while watching these shows. They've become so desensitized to violence that it barely seems to make them feel sympathy towards the criminal.

The 10 part series on Dahmer has sparked trends, some of which have garnered a lot of backlash. One of these trends has people tweeting about how they feel sorry for Dahmer's loneliness, while another trend has people "thirsting" over the killer's looks, with many even calling him cute.

A Twitter user even went as far as describing Jeffrey Dahmer as a boyfriend. However, the user completely neglected the fact that Dahmer was a killer who often dismembered his victims.

@jaubreyYT the internet was a mistake
TikTokers commenting on how they feel sorry for Dahmer (image via TikTok)
TikTokers commenting on how they feel sorry for Dahmer (image via TikTok)

Needless to say, the comments and the "thirsty" tweets have caused people to be concerned about those who felt bad for the killer. They have urged people not to participate in such horrific trends and suggested that some might even need to seek help for the disconcerting issue.

@wildtiktokss Nah cause this actually made me sick
@wildtiktokss why did we ever start romanticizing and glorifying serial killers
More concerns over Dahmer Thirst Tweets (image via Twitter)
More concerns over Dahmer Thirst Tweets (image via Twitter)

It is worth noting that this isn't the first time the story of a serial killer has been made into a show or a movie. This is the third retelling of Jeffrey Dahmer's killing spree. Similarly, stories of killers like Ted Bundy, and Dennis Rader have also been told multiple times.

People are currently thirsting over Jeffrey Dahmer. The situation was quite similar in 2019 but people were thirsting over Ted Bundy at the point after the release of Amazon Prime's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The film starred Zac Efron and people's reactions to him in the film were quite disturbing as well.

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