What did Bryan Cranston say about MAGA? Actor faces wrath of Trump supporters 

Bryan Cranston faces brutal criticism from Trump
Bryan Cranston faces brutal criticism from Trump's supporters after sharing his views on MAGA. (Image via Getty Images)

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston recently received backlash from Trump supporters after he shared his views on the former U.S. President’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Donald Trump popularized the four-word phrase during his presidential campaign in 2016.

Trump fans have since adopted the slogan enthusiastically. With MAGA, the former President of the United States conveyed his desire to bring back a version of American society that he deems better than how the country is in current times.

Bryan Cranston hits the nail on the head regarding the "Make America Great Again" movement. Just because white Americans think that the past was "great" doesn't mean it was to ALL Americans. Civil rights in this nation have been progressively moving forward, and although……

However, during a televised interview with Chris Wallace for CNN on Sunday, February 26, Cranston shared his thoughts on the phrase. He pointed out an example of why the phrase might be considered offensive.

He said:

“When I see the ‘Make America Great Again’ [slogan], my comment is: do you accept that that could possibly be construed as a racist remark? Most people, a lot of people, go ‘how could that be racist?’"

The actor tried to shed light on the matter from an African-American perspective and asked that for this particular community, when was it ever great in the U.S. He further argued that if Trump were trying to make the country great again, it would not include the African-American population.

Trump supporters criticize Bryan Cranston as he comments on MAGA

In the CNN interview, Bryan Cranston said that the slogan “Make America Great Again” is to teach the public who are “woke” to accept the possibility of their privilege creating blind spots for them. He added:

“Maybe I haven’t seen what’s really happening yet, in all my years.”

However, those who support Donald Trump were unhappy with the actor’s views.

"Bryan Cranston should stick to acting. Breaking Bad was overrated anyway."
Bryan Cranston is a fool, it makes sense that Chris Wallace would interview him.
Bryan Cranston goes full woke CUCK! This is why nobody with a working brain gives AF what Hollyweird “celebrities” think. He’s irrelevant & inconsequential!
Bryan Cranston. Good actor. Total idiot when it comes to political judgment. Just my opinion. Make America Great Again. 🇺🇸
Bryan Cranston,Without deliberately misquoting him, tell me one racist thing Donald Trump has ever said.You can't bc he hasn't.You're like Joy Behar. You can't just disagree w Trump and Trumpers and leave it at that; you have to despise & falsely accuse them for disagreeing.
@LionelMedia His words, not mine. I know now Bryan Cranston is a condescending white liberal.
Bryan Cranston,The only way "Make America great again" could be construed as racist is by someone who sees racism where it doesn't exist, as you apparently do.Stick to acting.With "reasoning" like yours you'll get lots of offers.
Bryan Cranston hasn’t had a hit since “Breaking Bad”. Every Hollywood Actor belongs to the church of Satan and participates in the child sacrifices. He sold his soul so I could care less what he thinks.

Bryan Cranston expresses frustration with the history of systematic racism

The subject of Trump’s slogan came up in the interview when Wallace referred to another recent discussion on the critical race theory that The Infiltrator actor had with American comedian and political commentator Bill Maher. In that conversation, they explored how social interactions, media, and politics are affected by the notions of ethnicity and race.

Cranston stated that he believed that the United States never fully owned up to any of its wrongdoings in matters of slavery, followed by systematic racism. He expressed his frustration over the fact that it has been almost 400 years since the country has dealt with the issue of race, and it still has not taken any accountability or responsibility for the history of this systematic racism.

Bill Maher accurately represents the thoughts of most Americans as he calmly explains that CRT is garbage and the people pushing it are clowns to Bryan Cranston who has clearly swallowed the "woke Hollywood" narrative

In 2022, Byran Cranston spoke about standing up to his white privilege following the tragic killing of George Floyd in 2020. He told the Los Angeles Times that he was 65 years old and needed to learn and change.

Recalling his conversation with Bill Maher, Bryan Cranston said that he thought it was crucial to teach the people of America to look at their history in a similar manner to how Germany has looked at its history where it participated in wars and has later acknowledged that they were wrong.

Nailed it @BryanCranston see @ksorbs that why Bryan is respected as an actor & American !

When Chris Wallace asked Bryan Cranston about a possible solution to the situation, the actor replied that, in his opinion, it is essential to teach critical race history.

He opined that people be taught how racism and race trade are systematic in everything they have done in government and social activities. Bryan Cranston said that racism is embedded in every governmental and social activity.

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