“What goes around comes back around”: BTS V’s hate commentator allegedly gets sued by HYBE, fans celebrate

Fans believe BTS
Fans believe BTS' V and BIGHIT MUSIC sued a malicious commentator (Images via Instagram/thv)

The BTS ARMY went into celebratory mode as they discovered an alleged apology from a malicious commentator who posted hateful comments about V, aka Kim Tae-hyung, online. The alleged apology was posted on a South Korean forum and was then posted on X with English translations on October 1.

Both Korean and international fans are a bit apprehensive about whether the alleged apology is real or fake, since it was posted anonymously on the South Korean forum. However, they still praised BTS’ agency, HYBE, for taking strict action against the perpetrator and offering them no leniency.

In the alleged apology, the perpetrator mentioned that they had created multiple rumors against BTS’ V since last year. They also confirmed that they left hateful comments against the Slow Dancing singer.

They mentioned that they were preparing for civil service exams, and a criminal record could lead to difficulties in the future. They addressed BIGHIT MUSIC’s statement of showing no leniency against perpetrators and said that they felt “helpless.”

BTS’ fans discover an alleged apology from a malicious commentator, believe V and the company sued them for spreading rumors

A few days ago, on September 27, BIGHIT MUSIC shared a statement updating fans on legal proceedings against perpetrators participating in malicious activities against BTS. In the statement, the company reminded fans of their “no settlement and no leniency” policy. Three days later, an anonymous person posted an apology on a South Korean forum that garnered attention from the ARMY community.

The unverified apology post went viral on X within the BTS fandom. Although there was no way to know if it was fake or not, some hoped that it was real and that V had sued the perpetrator for spreading hateful comments and creating harmful rumors about him.

In the post, the person mentioned that they “ended up disliking V” after believing certain negative rumors. It then led them to spread hateful comments and create their own harmful, made-up stories about the BTS member. They assured that they would never send hate towards the Slow Dancing singer again and profusely apologized for their ill deeds in the past.

Meanwhile, fans reacted positively to the post despite being skeptical about it. They praised both V and the company for suing the person, if the apology was true. One fan also commented that others needed to stop engaging with the hateful posts and report the accounts to BIGHIT MUSIC so that they can take action against the users.

In the statement posted on September 27, BIGHIT MUSIC mentioned that they had filed criminal lawsuits against people who sent packages to the artist and their families’ residences repeatedly as per the stalking crimes. In particular, the statement also mentioned a criminal case against an individual who had posted “violent and offensive abusive comments” regularly online.

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