What happened to Cha’Kyra Thomas? Michigan gym teacher convicted over hitting 11-year-old with hockey stick

Cha'Kyra Thomas was struck in the head with a hockey stick by her gym teacher, (Image via BlackInformant/Twitter)

An 11-year-old girl named Cha’Kyra Thomas was hit with a metal hockey stick by a Detroit substitute gym teacher. The gym teacher was sentenced to two years’ probation after she hurled a stick at another student, but it struck Cha’Kyra Thomas.

The gym teacher has been identified as Jacqueline Brown and has been convicted of child abuse. Cha’Kyra Thomas’ family is also reportedly suing the teacher, along with the school and the staffing agency.

As a consequence, Cha’Kyra sustained brain trauma after being hit in the head with a metal hockey stick. The incident happened at the Hope Academy in Detroit back in May.

According to Thomas’ attorney, the 11-year-old got confused soon after she was hit with the item in the head.


Cha’Kyra Thomas’ family sues school authority and teacher after she was hit by a hockey stick that the teacher threw

The tragic incident happened to 11-year-old Cha’Kyra Thomas at the Hope Academy in Detroit. She was struck in the head with a hockey stick that a gym teacher threw.

As a result of the blow to the head, Cha’Kyra felt confused and dazed almost instantly. The blow took a toll on the mental state of 11-year-old so much so that she wandered around the school in a clueless state.

Her lawyer Jon Marko said:

“When the mother of the little girl gets to school and is wondering, ‘where is my daughter,’ they couldn’t even find her. She was found wandering the hallways confused with blood running down her face.”

She was rushed to the hospital where her injuries were bound with staples. Marko further claimed that Jacqueline Brown never bothered to apologize to Cha’Kyra Thomas or to her family.

He continued:

“What kind of a teacher throws a hockey stick at a fifth-grader’s head? I mean you obviously have to have something wrong with your head.”

The family has since then decided to sue the school authorities along with the gym teacher. Cha’Kyra Thomas appeared at Brown’s punishment hearing and testified:

“Just looking at her brought back all the memories back of getting hit in my head.”

Brown reportedly has to attend anger management classes and has been sentenced two years’ probation

The incident impacted the 11-year-old so much that she had to change schools and had to take up counseling to deal with the stress. Cha’Kyra further stated that she still has nightmares about that dreadful day.

She said:

“It’s like flashes what happened that day. I got hit on my head; I remember kids just laughing at me. My memories, now I got to wear glasses and I don’t remember real good.”

The 11-year-old reported that the teacher was yelling at another student and then threw a hockey stick at her, which unfortunately hit Cha’Kyra. Since then, brown has been convicted of child abuse in relation to this tragic event.

Jacqueline Brown has been sentenced to two years’ probation, and has to attend anger management classes. Several media outlets have reached out to the school for any comment on the incident.

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