What happened to Héctor Tricoche? Tributes pour in as Puerto Rican salsa singer dies aged 66

Héctor Tricoche passes away at 66 (Image via hector_tricoche/Instagram)
Héctor Tricoche passes away at 66 (Image via hector_tricoche/Instagram)

On Sunday, July 17, Puerto Rican salsa artist Héctor Tricoche passed away at the age of 66. His family first shared the news of his demise via the late singer's official Facebook and Instagram pages. It was revealed that the Juana Díaz native died in Springfield, Massachusetts, after suffering a heart attack.

The official obituary post from his daughters read:

"It is with deep sorrow that we officially confirm the death of Hector Noel Tricoche Albertorio at the age of 66 in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, our father. [sic] We appreciate all the shows of solidarity, affection, and respect in this difficult time."

Tricoche is survived by his immediate family, which includes his daughters Sandra Tricoche, Glenda Tricoche, Victoria Tricoche, and Patricia Tricoche. Due to the private nature of the singer in regard to his familial life, information about his spouse is not known to the public.

Héctor Tricoche’s cause of death


According to the Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora (First Hour), the salsa singer-songwriter passed away from a heart attack. As per the report, Héctor Tricoche had been suffering from the condition for some time now. It is not currently known if Tricoche underwent any surgery or medical treatment for his condition.

It is possible that the 66-year-old singer sought treatment for his condition in Massachusetts, where he resided until his demise. According to his Instagram posts, Héctor Tricoche had performed recently. It has been speculated that the singer's last few performances were in June.

Condolences rush in following Héctor Tricoche's death

As news of his demise was announced on social media and via reports from multiple news outlets, Tricoche's fans and associates took to social media to pay their tributes to the late singer. A legion of posts expressed lament over Tricoche's death and recognized his contribution to the salsa genre.

Florida-based DJ, bassist, and salsa singer Mambo Lebron mentioned her experience with the late Tricoche. In her Facebook post, she noted:

"My first professional Salsa gig (outside of the Lebron Brothers family) was with Hector Tricoche in Brooklyn in 1996. He believed in me even though I couldn't read music well, at that time. He liked my swing and I worked hard on my reading because of his belief in me."

Héctor Tricoche’s legacy


The salsa legend left behind his legacy of around 46 years in the genre. Tricoche reportedly began his career in 1976. In the early days, he was associated with his school's band in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico. Later in the early 1980s, Tricoche forayed into a career in professional salsa music. The singer was best known for his hits like Hacer El Amor, Mujer Prohibida, and Sed de Amarte, amongst others.

In the 1990s, Tricoche released around eight studio albums, and by 2007, he had dropped six albums with compiled tracks.

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