What happened to Rachel Schwartz? Florida mother-of-two disappears after expressing fears over ex

33-year-old Rachel Schwartz went missing after telling her dad that she was afraid of her ex boyfriend, (Images via Rae Ana/Facebook)
33-year-old Rachel Schwartz went missing after telling her dad that she was afraid of her ex boyfriend. (Images via Rae Ana/Facebook)

33-year-old Rachel Schwartz disappeared after confiding in her father that she was scared of her former boyfriend. Rachel’s family further revealed that she was suffering from several stress-related illnesses. Authorities found that Rachel Schwartz was last seen in Spring Hill.

The family was unable to contact Rachel after January 31, when she spoke to her dad about her ex-boyfriend. Eventually, Rachel’s family and the father of her children reported her missing at the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Rachel’s brother-in-law revealed that the 33-year-old had an on-and-off relationship with ex-boyfriend John Scorah. Rachel Schwartz is reportedly an Iraq War veteran who moved to Minnesota last year. She came to Florida to visit her children who live with their father.

Iraq war veteran Rachel Schwartz has been missing since January 31

Rachel reportedly told her father that she was scared of her ex-boyfriend’s wrath. That was the last time her family spoke to her. Rachel Schwartz’s brother-in-law Benjamin Schrupp mentioned that the Florida woman suffers from PTSD and several other stress-related problems. Elizabeth Schrupp, Rachel’s sister wrote on Facebook:

“My sister has been missing as of Jan. 31. She was supposed to fly home Feb. 4. Her last message to my dad was that she wanted to come home, and she was afraid of her ex.”

Elizabeth further added that shortly after that, her cell phone and social media accounts “went silent.” Upon thorough investigation, law enforcement officials discovered battery charges against John Scorah back in April 2022. The case was later dropped in October.

Rachel reportedly moved to Minnesota last month to get away from John Scorah. Text messages with a friend also revealed that she was concerned about her safety. Rachel flew to Florida last month to visit her children.

Schwartz visited Scorah’s residence on her Florida trip

During the trip, she went to see Scorah at his Wimauma residence. According to ring camera footage, she left Scorah’s house on January 31 at around 5.46 pm.

The footage also captured a male voice in the background, yelling:

“Rachel, I have everything you need, I’m asking you to stay one more day.”

Authorities discovered her last location, which was at a Spring Hill home. The homeowner is known to rent out the place to veterans in crisis. Schrupp told news outlets:

“She’s missing. We want her to know that we love her and that we care about her. Police have conducted welfare checks on her ex-boyfriend’s home- one with no answer and one after she had been missing for almost a week."

Authorities haven’t revealed a lot of details regarding the case, they have however, mentioned that an active missing person case has been filed to find Rachel Schwartz. She was last seen wearing a white sleeveless shirt with a pair of blue pants. Rachel was also seen carrying a huge black suitcase along with a black and orange carry-on bag. Police have described her as 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing around 100 pounds. Rachel has blue eyes, blonde hair, and freckles.

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