What did Jennifer Matter do? Minnesota mom pleads guilty to role in newborn son’s death

Jennifer Matter pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of her baby in 2003, (Image via Goodhue Co. Jail)
Jennifer Matter pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of her baby in 2003, (Image via Goodhue Co. Jail)

Jennifer Matter, a Minnesota woman, was charged in connection with the death of her newborn son. Almost 20 years ago, the remains of the baby were recovered from the Methodist Campus Beach in Frontenac in December 2003. In May 2022, Matter was arrested and charged in the case.

She recently pleaded guilty to the second-degree intentional murder of her baby boy. Matter mentioned that she hoped "that someone in the nearby houses would find the baby" after leaving it on the beach and driving away. Law enforcement officials said that scientific advances have helped in solving such an old case.

Jennifer Matter was arrested at her residence in Belvidere Township. She could face up to 27 years and two months in jail, according to the Minnesota sentencing guidelines of 2003.

Jennifer Matter entered the plea on one count of 2nd degree murder. A judge is expected to sentence her on April 28. She could face up to 326 months in prison or about 27 years.I asked both her and her family if they had anything to say and they said, "No." @kare11

Jennifer Matter's sentencing hearing is set to take place on April 28

Authorities made an extremely gruesome discovery around 20 years ago, in December 2003. They recovered the body of a baby on the shores of Lake Pepin. The baby, which was abandoned by Minnesota resident Jennifer Matter, was discovered by a group of teenagers on December 7, 2003.

50-year-old Jennifer recently pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional murder of her baby. In her plea agreement, Matter stated:

“I left (the baby) on the beach, walked away, got into my car, and drove away with no intention of returning.”

As previously stated, she apparently “hoped” that someone living nearby would discover the baby alive. However, it clearly did not happen. According to prosecutors, police linked Jennifer Matter to the deceased baby through DNA evidence. KMSP-TV reported that the baby’s cause of death has not been clearly determined. The death, however, was ruled a homicide.


After her arrest on May 2022, 50-year-old Matter pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of her baby boy in Goodhue County Court on Wednesday, January 25. Kare reported that her sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 28, 2023.

DNA evidence has also linked Jennifer to a dead baby girl found in 1999 by the Mississippi River

Apart from the baby boy’s death, 50-year-old Matter had also been linked to the remains of a dead baby girl found on the banks of the Mississippi River back in 1999. However, she has not been charged in this case.

According to court documents, Matter was a divorced mother of two and she became pregnant again. She reportedly did not know about the pregnancy and was drinking too much as well. It has also been reported that she gave birth to a stillborn girl who she dumped in 1999.

Police also discovered the biological father of the deceased baby, who claimed to be unaware of the pregnancy or the child. The father of the child born in 2003 has not been tracked as of now. Authorities have confirmed, however, that he is not the biological father of the child born in 1999.

DNA also linked Matter to a baby girl who was found dead in the river in 1999. No charges have been filed in that case.A third baby was also discovered dead in 2007, authorities saying Matter isn’t connected to that. All three are buried together in town.@kare11

In her first court hearing, Jennifer was heard asking for forgiveness for abandoning her newborn baby back in 1999. Jennifer stated that she was a cosmetologist when she was pregnant. A bail of $750,000 was set in her name.

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