What happened to Marciano Cantero? Tributes pour in as Los Enanitos Verdes singer dies aged 62

Marciano Cantero recently died at the age of 62 (Image via Omar Vega/Getty Images)
Marciano Cantero died at the age of 62 (Image via Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Well-known singer and musician Marciano Cantero passed away at the age of 62. While talking to the local press, his son Javier said,

“As much as I am very sad, I am 30 and these 30 years that I was able to spend with him was a gift. I can’t help but be happy for the great man he was and for all the love that was returned to him these days.”

Cantero was hospitalized at the time of death and Javier stated that his condition was critical following an operation.

RIP Marciano Cantero. Spanish Rock will miss you

He added that he wants his fans to remember his father not just as a singer, artist, and composer but as a wonderful person and his best friend in the world. Concluding his statement, he said,

“He always said in all the interviews that ‘Amigos’ – because of the song – he composed it because he wanted his son to be his best friend, and it came true and he knew it, so that leaves me alone.”

Marciano Cantero’s cause of death explored

Marciano Cantero was hospitalized on September 7 at a private clinic in Mendoza, Argentina due to a kidney complication that needed an operation. One of his friends revealed that he had already undergone surgery and his condition is expected to improve soon.


According to Mendoza newspaper Los Andes, surgery was performed to remove the kidney and part of the spleen. Meanwhile, his relatives disclosed that his condition worsened from the day he was admitted to the clinic.

Cantero’s son Javier said that his father could not overcome the complications and thanked all the fans, friends, and family for their support and prayers in all these days.

Marciano Cantero's journey in the music industry

Marciano Cantero of Enanitos Verdes performs during a show (Image via Humberto Romero/Getty Images)
Marciano Cantero of Enanitos Verdes performs during a show (Image via Humberto Romero/Getty Images)

Born on August 25, 1960, Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernandez credited The Beatles as one of his musical influences when he heard them for the first time at the age of nine.

Marciano purchased a bass guitar and began practicing on it with assistance from his older brother. His father gave him a new bass guitar after his graduation and he went to concerts on the underground circuit during the military government of Argentina.


He formed Los Enanitos Verdes with Felipe Staiti and Daniel Piccolo in 1979. After becoming popular, they performed at bars in Buenos Aires and recorded their first album. Marciano then focused on his solo career and recorded Luna Nieva in 1990 and Beat Club in 1991.

He continued to record more albums with Enanitos Verdes and released a Live CD called Greatest Hits Compilation in 1995. Their latest album, Pescado Original, was released in 2006.

Netizens pay tribute on Twitter

Marciano Cantero gained recognition as a flawless singer and Twitter was flooded with tributes when people heard about his death. From remembering him for his music to talking about what his music meant to them, fans said that the musician's death felt "unreal."

Not gonna lie, Marciano Cantero's passing hits me harder than the queen. QDEP. Tomorrow's soundtrack is going to be Los Enanitos Verdes for sure.
I was 13 the first time I saw Enanitos Verdes. That lead me down a path to where now, I literally give 1 weekend a year almost exclusively to Spanish RockRIP Horacio "Marciano" cantero
Another leaves this world . R.I.P. Horacio “Marciano” Cantero lead singer of Enanitos Verdes
Rest In Peace Marciano Cantero🙏🏽Most impactful passing today. 😓 #EnanitosVerdes #RIP
heart broken to hear that marciano passed 💔 we we’re currently in talks about a collaboration…..this feels unreal.. RIP MARCIANO CANTERO #enanitosverdes
The End of Marciano Cantero 😓
#EnanitosVerdes Sing and play high 🎤🎸Marciano Cantero
I will forever love this man for what his music meant to my youth. Estuve en su ultimo concierto! 😢 #marcianocantero #EnanitosVerdes
One of my faves from Enanitos Verdes, RIP @MarcianoCantero

He is survived by his family members, whose identities remain unknown, and detailed information on his personal life has not yet been revealed.

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