What does a pink and grey dorm mean? TikTok claims interior design is a 'canon event'

The phrase is now trending on TikTok  (Image via TikTok / @abigailand_)
The phrase is now trending on TikTok (Image via TikTok / @abigailand_)

The TikTok phrase, "pink and grey dorm room," recently went viral when user @abigailand_ shared a video showing her college-bound sister amidst grey and pink pillows and other decorations. @abigailand_ is then seen in the frame with her hand covering her lips and a knowing expression on her face.

The text overlay on the video read:

“Watching my college freshman sister pick out pink and gray for her dorm room colors (I can’t interfere, it's a canon event).”

The pink and grey dorm room trend is based on the common idea that most female students use these colors to decorate their dorm rooms.

For the uninitiated, a "canon event" is a phrase used to indicate an event that must mandatorily happen in one's life. The phrase was popularized following the release of Spider Man: Across the Spiderverse, where it was used to denote events that need to happen across universes for things to run seamlessly. It is now used as a common term in public discourse.

Pink and grey dorm is actually a very basic concept

These room colours are very simple (Image via Getty Images / TikTok / @abigailand_)
These room colours are very simple (Image via Getty Images / TikTok / @abigailand_)

When it comes to random and weird trends, TikTok is one of the most popular social media sites. From challenges and concepts like beige flag to POV and FVP, the short-video platform is always at the forefront of internet trends. The recent lingo or phrase to go viral on TikTok is the "pink and grey dorm."

According to TikTok, organizing, arranging and decorating a dorm room is one of the most anticipated tasks before starting college classes. However, the color choices in this regard say a lot about the person.

The trend started when @abigailand_, a TikTok user, shared a video of her sister, who was choosing a color pattern for her dorm room. She was surrounded by pink and grey cushions, bedding, and decorations. The user then switched the camera to herself, revealing to viewers her surprised and amused look.

The video was posted more than a month ago, in early July, but it went viral in August, garnering 8.5 million views.

The idea behind the pink and grey dorm room decision, according to TikTok accounts, is not at all random, but rather a common pick. As per netizens, it is a very safe and “basic” choice.

TikTok users also think that having a pink and grey dorm room is a "canon event" because every girl decorates her college room with these colors.

This is similar to the common assumption that men prefer navy blue decor or checkered bed sheets.

What are “canon events”?

The phrase "canon event" also drew attention in the viral "pink and grey dorm" video. This phrase is used to describe prior events that shaped one's current identity. Canon events are basically critical occasions that alter the course of one's life.

The recent Spiderman movie popularised the phrase (Image via Sony Pictures / TikTok / @abigailand_)
The recent Spiderman movie popularised the phrase (Image via Sony Pictures / TikTok / @abigailand_)

The events shape a variety of fundamental characteristics such as personality traits, professional opportunities, insecurities, maturity and so on.

Even though this phrase is linked to superhero and action films, it has gained popularity with the success of the most recent Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

A canon event is typically something embarrassing, awful, or unfortunate that happens in a person’s life to help them develop character and shape their personality. Popular belief is that such events are important and eventually required to turn the person into someone they were born to be.

People on TikTok believe that having a pink and grey dorm decor is a rite of passage for most girls or like a “canon event” that shapes their lives.

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