What is a beige flag? Meaning explored as viral dating trend goes viral on TikTok

Trending TikTok term
Trending TikTok term 'beige flag' and its meaning explored. (Image via Shutterstock, Illustration by Tré Carden)

These days, almost everyone has heard of the green flags and red flags in a relationship, but a new term “beige flags” has been coined, which is suddenly going viral on TikTok. The term refers to signs that a person is too boring to date.

Mentions of this new colored flag started popping up on TikTok in 2022 when a user, @itscaito, shared a video explaining the traits of a person who is a beige flag. Caito listed down the traits she found in people on dating apps, which she referred to as boring.

The TikTok user explained that a potential characteristic of this flag for her is when someone who hates coriander has an opinion regarding pineapple on pizza and whether sauce or chocolate belongs in the fridge or the cupboard.

The next traits include making references to sitcoms that are extremely mainstream like The Office, using puppies to hide one’s lack of personality, any mention of spreadsheets or Excel, and lastly, looking for someone who can handle their “banter.” Ironically, the person with the beige flag is not funny enough.

TikTok users share their partners' beige flags

Although Caito started the trend where she meant that this flag refers to people's boring personality traits, others had a different take on it. Recently, a lot of TikTokers have joined the trend and started making videos where they mention certain traits of their partners' which are beige flags.

These traits are not necessarily boring but can also be someone's cute or annoying habits, which does not make them loved any less. For example, someone's girlfriend giving them a daily report of insignificant things that they do, or someone's boyfriend being goofy.

One user asked others to write what they thought the beige flags for each member of the popular boy band BTS would be. For instance, someone wrote that Taehyung's trait is that he cannot control his loud sneezes. Another person wrote that to Jungkook's neighbors, the vocalist's flag is to play music late at night until the early hours of dawn.

"Part 2" of the viral beige flag

After sharing the first video on May 8, 2023, Caito said she received a lot of requests for a "part 2", so she uploaded another video the next day, adding a few more traits to the list.

In "part 2" the traits include the need for a person with whom an individual can go on adventures. However, Caito mentioned that this "adventure" would probably mean getting the most basic snacks at a common place for the person, which is definitely not an adventure.

The next trait is being interested in crypto. Caito said it is the most beige of hobbies as nobody really cares about anyone's crypto portfolio. Then comes people who answer "sarcasm" when asked what their love language is or what they are fluent in.

Caito said these people probably do not even know the meaning of sarcasm or how it works. Other traits included someone only taking selfies that speaks for them not having any friends or hobbies, or not engaging in any extracurricular activities, and making one's height their personality trait. The last trait included someone whose typical Sunday morning goes by going to the beach and having brunch and coffee.

These flags are only meant for humor, and since it carries no serious harm or hurt to anyone, people on TikTok and Twitter are going on a spree to take part in the trend and share the beige flags of their partners or themselves.

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Edited by Priya Majumdar