What did T-Rell say about No Jumper? AD and fellow host quit podcast

T-Rell and AD leave No Jumper (Image via YouTube/@No Jumper)
T-Rell and AD leave No Jumper (Image via YouTube/@No Jumper)

On DJ Akademik's latest stream on March 15, 2023, rapper and businessman King T-Rell announced that he is leaving the No Jumper podcast with fellow host AD, who also announced his resignation in a separate live stream with Akademik.

T-Rell emphasized that he loves and respects Adam22, the podcast's founder, and stated that the channel "made him who he is today." He added:

"It was always a time where anybody could have came to us and said: you know what? you know... let's take this I see y'all doin good... let's take this, let's put this on No Jumper and do that... because we was all willing to stick together and make sure we ride this thing out... coz I wanted to be at No Jumper for the long haul..."

He added that if AD and DoKnow, a Hip-Hop rapper and another regular on No Jumper, are not a part of the podcast then he too would leave as the channel would not be the same without them.

AD announced his resignation from No Jumper in wake of Adam firing Lush on air

The incident happened last week when Adam22 invited Richard Spencer, who is accused of racist and white supremacist remarks, for a discussion. His African-American co-host, AD, was not happy with the guest and brought up his doubts about giving Spencer a platform.

On his podcast, Cuhmunity, AD revealed that Adam didn't appreciate him raising questions about inviting Spencer, and so Adam asked AD to no longer be a part of their Tuesday show.


Adam hired a Latin-American YouTuber, Lush, to take AD's place on the podcast. However, the former fired him on air after claiming that he leaked their private conversation on No Jumper Discord.

AD announced his departure from No Jumper soon after and cited that the show was racist. He also hinted that Adam was not happy with his podcast, Cuhmunity, taking off.

No Jumper is an American YouTube podcast-themed channel that was originally a written blog founded by George Potter in 2011 as a rap-focused Tumblr and financed by Adam John Grandmaison, who now goes by the moniker Adam22.

They critically analyzed the underground rap scene and interviewed and reviewed artists like Future who weren't in the limelight back then. By 2012, the blog came to a stop.


It was later revived by Adam, who also hosted the channel. The channel focuses on rap artists and pop culture. Adam has interviewed up-coming rap artists like Young Thug, Lil Yachty, and Lil Peep over the years.

Over time, the blog has diversified into pop culture-oriented guests from various professions, including Aaron Carter, KSI, and Anthony Fantanso. It boasts a following of over 4.5 million subscribers.

Along with AD and Lush, the channel lost another major host, Smacc, who resigned. T-Rell, too, was a host on the blogging channel.

Who are T-Rell and AD?

King T-Rell or T-Rell is a rapper hailing from Los Angeles and is known for his singles Vice City Remix and Get Out Of My Face. He also partnered up with Tyga in the Last Kings and was also on the latter's MTV series Kingin' with Tyga.

Armand Douglas or AD is a rapper hailing from Compton who is known for his club-rap mixes Juice and Strapped. He has worked with mainstream west-coast artists like G Perico and OT Genasis.


AD hosts a weekly podcast, Cuhmunity, along with influencer Pun. Meanwhile, T-Rell and Smacc run a music-themed Twitch and YouTube live stream under the name of Back on Figg.

The four are hosting two live shows called Figgmunity (derived from the names of their respective podcasts) in Los Angeles in June, one of which is sold out.

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