"What do you think they’re arguing about": BTS’ Jungkook’s SEVEN teaser MV featuring Han So-hee prompts hilarious guesses from netizens 

Han Sohee and Jungkook pair up for Seven (image via twitter/jiminiepie13)
Han So-hee and Jungkook pair up for Seven (image via twitter/jiminiepie13)

Ever since the release of BTS’ Jungkook's highly anticipated digital single Seven’s official teaser, featuring renowned K-drama actress Han So-hee, fans have been buzzing with excitement and unleashing their creativity through a wave of memes.

The captivating teaser, unveiled on July 12, 2023, showcases Jungkook and So-hee engaged in a heated argument, prompting fans to take to social media and speculate on the comical possibilities of their conversation. The opulent restaurant setup, crashing of the chandelier, and the song's lyrics further paint an even more dramatic picture. The teaser also revealed the singer's collaboration with American artist Latto for the song.

"I am living for Jungkook and So-hee memes": Fans unleash their creative side regarding the Seven teaser

Scheduled for release on July 14, 2023, JK's song Seven has generated significant intrigue among fans. It offers glimpses of Han So-hee's appearance, adding to the anticipation. In the teaser, fans get to witness Jungkook and So-hee seated in a luxurious restaurant, seemingly portraying a couple.


Engaged in a heated arguement, the tension between the two escalates as the chandelier dramatically crashes to the ground, leaving the audience in suspense. Furthermore, a few enticing lines from the song have piqued curiosity and heightened the anticipation for the full release of the MV.

However, the excitement of fans did not stop here, and the internet erupted with fervor as devoted ARMYs took the teaser to new heights with their creativity. Their imaginative minds began speculating about the nature of the argument between the two stars, resulting in a flood of hilarious assumptions shared across various platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and more. These memes quickly gained viral status, capturing the playful and inventive spirit of BTS fans worldwide.

Check out some of the funniest memes and fan responses below:

The majority of these memes revolve around the BTS members, with a particular emphasis on RM and the ARMY fandom. The memes showcase the ingenious ways in which ARMYs have humorously incorporated Jungkook's diverse interests, transforming them into nerve-tickling jokes. Some enthusiasts have gone the extra mile by demonstrating their impressive editing abilities, elevating the memes to another level of creativity.

Fans can check out these memes on the above-mentioned platforms and indulge in an enjoyable experience.

More news about Jungkook's Seven

Jungkook's solo promotions for Seven have been receiving extensive support from both Bighit Entertainment and his dedicated fans. The promotions commenced with the announcement of Seven's schedule by BigHit.

Further, eye-catching posters featuring Jungkook's photos were prominently displayed across various locations including Thailand, France, several American states, and more. Additionally, enthusiastic fans also took the initiative to create and share their own posters.

Currently, Jungkook has traveled from Korea to New York in preparation for his upcoming schedule. A highly anticipated performance awaits him on the iconic stage of the Good Morning America (GMA) concert series, set to take place in Central Park, NYC.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing his performance in this renowned location. It will be his first stint as a solo artist on a big stage, following the performance of his song Dreamers on the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.

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