5 K-dramas of Han So-hee that prove she's a star in the making: My Name, The World of Married, and more

5 K-dramas of Han So-hee (Image via Instagram/@xeesoxee)
5 K-dramas of Han So-hee (Image via Instagram/@xeesoxee)

Han So-hee, the South Korean actress born on November 18, 1994, has been more or less dominating the Korean entertainment industry with her versatile characters in a multitude of K-dramas. Though her filmography hasn't been necessarily extensive, she has always put forth a dimension of her acting that the audience hasn't witnessed before.

As her filmography continues to grow more versatile, her fandom and popularity in the industry increase simultaneously. From playing a ruthless villain to an innocent controlled by love, there are quite a handful of explorative acting projects that Han So-hee has taken up. With more diverse K-dramas of hers to come fans' way, one can easily bet that the actress will be quite the star in a few years.

From thriller to romance: 5 K-dramas of Han So-hee that showcases her versatile acting

1) Nevertheless


Playing the role of Yu Na-bi, Han So-hee portrays an art student who gets tangled in a toxic love cycle with her classmate Park Jae-on in Nevertheless, released in 2021. While she finds herself falling for the guy she's physically involved herself with, the other's disbelief in love and relationships becomes a deal breaker between the two.

The actress perfectly showcases an innocent, introverted art student who's passionate and hard-working about her education. However, she isn't necessarily flawless, as viewers see her falling back on a man who isn't a particularly healthy option for her. A teenager caught up in conflicts of love alongside the pressures of her education was portrayed best in the role of Yu Na-bi.

2) My Name


Completely shattering the innocent and easily-influenced personality she adopted in Nevertheless, My Name Han So-hee comes up strong and bold. Revolving around a female protagonist whose father was recently murdered, she structures her life in such a way as to get back at those who killed her last standing family. While successfully becoming a police officer in the crime branch, she also holds her loyalty to her powerful criminal boss to get the best insights for her mission.

Along the way, she's thrown through several hardships, struggles, and betrayal. From effortlessly beating up her opponents to breaking down in the most heart-shattering ways, her character in My Name puts the audience through quite an emotional rollercoaster.

3) Soundtrack #1


Drifting back to the innocent and in-love character, Han So-hee's role in Soundtrack #1 is quite a lovely watch. The story revolves around two best friends who've known each other for twenty-plus years and their easy friendship. However, things took a swift turn when they decided to move in together and begin to collaborate on creating music.

As their relationship dangles between friendship and romance, the angst has the fans pulling at their hair out of frustration. While the two were still left on a rocky boat in the first season, Soundtrack #2, which is soon slated for release, has intrigued fans about where and how the story will evolve.

4) The World of the Married


Playing the role of Yeo Da-kyung in the 2020 K-drama The World of the Married, Han So-hee showcases yet another dimension of her versatile acting. She portrays the life of a woman who's been romantically engaging with a man who's cheating on his wife.

The show reveals the dark and harsh realities of marriage and her role as the antagonist makes has fans peeking at yet another impressive side of her acting. Though she plays the role of a character that's ideally repulsed by the audience, many were still in awe about how she played the character.

5) 100 Days My Prince


The last K-drama of Han So-hee in discussion for today is 100 Days My Prince, a historical fiction starring EXO's D.O, Kim Seon-ho, Nam Ji-hyun, and more. The story revolves around the life of a crown prince who falls off a cliff during an attempted assassination, causing him memory loss.

While he adjusts to life as a commoner, clueless of his true identity, his wife back in the palace, played by Han So-hee, cooks up schemes to use the situation to her advantage. Though her role is quite small and a character that's ideally dislikeable, she still effortlessly portrays the authenticity of an evil and wavering wife of the crown prince.

As the actress puts forth more K-dramas that expose the other dimensions of her versatile acting, fans can't wait to see what more she has in store for them.

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