What time will The Chase season 3 episode 12 air on ABC? Details explored

Brandon Blackwell to appear as the featured chaser in the upcoming episode of The Chase
Brandon Blackwell to appear as the featured chaser in the upcoming episode of The Chase (Image via Instagram/@thechaseabc)

The Chase season 3 returns for another episode this week. It is set to feature another Chaser the contestants will have to beat in order to take home the cash. The trivia show is an adaptation of the British show of the same name and has featured some great quizzers over the seasons.

ABC’s official synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"Brandon “The Lightning Bolt” Blackwell returns as the featured Chaser and goes head-to-head against a heavy metal music enthusiast, a high school teacher and an oncologist."

The Chase season 3 episode 12 will air on Thursday, January 12, at 10 pm ET on ABC.

What to expect from The Chase’s upcoming episode

In the upcoming episode of The Chase, titled, A Lot of Neon, A Lot of Drinks, A Lot of Bellies, three contestants will go up against Brandon Blackwell, a reality star and game show veteran.

During the episode, the contestants must answer accurately and quickly in order to take home the winnings and beat The Chaser, whose aim is to prevent the contestants from winning the cash prize.

The Chase’s upcoming episode will feature Chaser Brandon ‘The Lightning Bolt’ Blackwell, one of the fastest quizzers in the West. He has previously appeared on the show, his previous season’s introductory clip said:

"I checked the forecast on my way over. It’s moderately cloudy with a high chance of whooping."

He is now set to return as the featured chaser in the upcoming episode. Other chasers to appear on the show include Buzzy Cohen, Brad Rutter, James ‘The High Roller’ Holzhauer, and Victoria ‘The Queen’ Groce.

Previously on the show

The previous episode of The Chase aired on January 5. The featured chaser in the episode was Victoria 'The Queen' Groce, and she lived up to her name and reputation.

The segment began with Traci Mack, David Abolfia, and Tanya Melendez going up against Victoria to win the money. The first challenge consisted of the host, Sara Heines, asking the quizzers questions. This was followed by them having to go up against 'The Queen' to claim the prize in a Q&A round.

Traci earned a total of $60,00 even though Victoria offered her $3,300 with a higher offer of $175,000. David claimed a total of $40,000 even though he was offered a lower amount of $10,00 with a higher offer of $150,000.

The Chase’s third contestant, Tanya, earned $20,000. She was offered a lower offer of $5,000 and a higher offer of $250,000. Despite her co-competitors encouraging her to take the deal, she stood her ground and played it safe.

In the final round, the amount that was up for grabs was $120,000, and they had to go against Victoria once again. For the Final Chase, they received a headstart which allowed them to answer three questions before 'The Queen' stepped into the ring. They managed to get 17 correct answers. However, Groce answered all 20 correctly with time to spare on the clock.

Tune in on ABC to see what happens in the upcoming episode. Episodes of the game show can also be streamed on Hulu.

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