What does Wingstop’s Carolina Gold BBQ taste like? Details explored as brand launches new flavor at select locations

Wingstop launches the new Carolina Gold BBQ (Image via SOPA Images/LightRocket/GettyImages)
Wingstop launches the new Carolina Gold BBQ (Image via SOPA Images/LightRocket/GettyImages)

Wingstop elevated its chicken game with the release of the new Carolina Gold BBQ. Claimed to be "as good as gold," the BBQ flavor hit stores starting December 5. Debuting along with the chain's classic Chicken Sandwiches, the new regal flavors of the Golden BBQ can also be enjoyed with the chain's classic bone-in wings, boneless wings, and crispy tenders, but only until the stock lasts.

Taking inspiration from the southern BBQ traditions of the Carolinas, the new BBQ flavor is made with a mustard base, vinegar, and brown sugar, giving it distinct tangy flavors. The fast-food chain has tried to improvise the traditional flavors with their own spin on the classic recipe and has added a blend of special spices to the mix.

The end result is a flavor that carries the traditional distinctness of mustard, but is a bit on the sweet and tangy side. Even people who are not very fond of mustard can't help but crave more of the new Carolina Gold BBQ flavor.

All you need to know about the taste of Wingstop’s Carolina Gold BBQ

When you think of barbecue, you often think of food that has a hint of smokey flavor to it along with having dark colors, but Wingstop is changing it all with the new Carolina Gold BBQ.

Unlike your regular BBQ flavors, the new Gold BBQ delivers a distinct flavor profile to the platter and adds a golden hue to any dish. Though it clearly doesn't contain gold, the new Gold BBQ tastes and looks the part.

The fast food chain announced the release of the golden flavors through a press release, with Chef Larry Bellah, Director of Culinary and R&D, Wingstop, stating:

"Wingstop's Carolina Gold BBQ flavor maintains the classic queues of mustard, vinegar and brown sugar flavors that are true to its origins, but – in Wingstop fashion – our flavor stands out from the crowd."

Giving a short brief about the flavors, the chef further added:

"It's heavier on the sweetness, making this flavor delectable and surprisingly craveable for even the biggest mustard skeptics. It's a must try, especially on our Chicken Sandwich."

Carolina Golden BBQ flavors can be enjoyed through some of the chain's most popular items like - the famed Chicken Sandwich, classic bone-in wings, boneless wings, and crispy chicken tenders - as they are served coated in the regal flavors of the Gold BBQ.

The newly released must-try item on the brand's menu can be enjoyed at a suggested price of $5.49. Customers can try the new flavor by picking it up while placing the order. Orders can be placed at your nearest store, or through the Wingstop app and website for pick-up and deliveries.

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