Where was Annahi Tejeda found? Pico Rivera missing girl found after last seen surveillance footage

Annahi Tejeda (Image via Loa Angeles sheriff
Annahi Tejeda (Image via Loa Angeles sheriff's department)

A 13-year-old, Annahi Tejeda, who went missing from Pico Rivera, California, on March 22, 2023, was found on Sunday, March 26, 2023. The teen has since been reunited with her family, according to local authorities.

Authorities said that Annahi Tejeda was last seen walking towards Montebello after abruptly leaving her home near Gallatin Road near Rosemead Boulevard. Surveillance footage captured the Pico Rivera teen in the area of Beverly Boulevard and Poplar Avenue before she vanished out of sight.

On Sunday, four days after her disappearance, authorities found the teen walking out of a converted garage in the 500 block of North 4th Street in Montebello.

While authorities are yet to disclose additional information on the girl's physical state, they did confirm she was back with her family. Needless to say, her family was overjoyed to be reunited with Annahi.

Annahi Tejeda was reported missing by her family in Pico Rivera on March 22

Annahi Tejeda was reported missing by her family in Pico Rivera on March 22, 2023. The teen reportedly left her house without a phone after she got into an argument with her mother.

At the time of her disappearance, authorities suspected the middle school student at Rosemead may have been heading to stay with relatives in Montebello. They believed so as CCTV recorded her she was last seen walking towards the area.

However, three days after the teen was reported missing, her mother spoke at a news conference with sheriff's deputies. She pleaded with the public for any information on her missing child. Annahi's mother also said that she had recently learned that her daughter was potentially suffering from depression and anxiety.

Describing her daughter as a student with “an impeccable attendance record and a 4.0 GPA," her mother said that Annahi was loved and the family was very worried about her and her safety.


A day after the conference, the teen was reunited with her family after she was found in Montbello. In a press release, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detailed the discovery. They said that at around 2 pm on Sunday, officers were called into the 500 block of North 4th Street in Montebello, where they spotted saw Annahi walking out of a converted garage.

Authorities said that they also found a Hispanic male inside the premises who was arrested and booked on “unrelated charges.” While authorities have yet to disclose any information on the unidentified man’s potential involvement in the incident, they said the Pico Rivera teen was back with her mother.

The release stated:

“A male Hispanic adult was taken into custody at the location without incident. There were no other people inside the location. The suspect was arrested and booked on unrelated charges.”

After Annahi Tejeda was found, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department thanked the public for aiding in the search.

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