Which grocery stores are closing right now? List explored

Multiple Grocery store chains are shutting down specific stores in the next few weeks (Image via d3sign/Getty Images)
Multiple Grocery store chains are shutting down specific stores in the next few weeks (Image via d3sign/Getty Images)

Americans have had quite a bitter-sweet relationship with grocery stores in the last few months.

According to a May survey from the Food Industry Association (FMI), over 21% of American customers have started cutting on meat and produce. Additionally, nearly 14% of the shoppers have been swapping pricier purchases for frozen or canned products.

However, shoppers are not the only ones who have felt the heat of inflation. As they face multiple difficulties like inflation, labor shortages, shipping delays, and security concerns, grocery store chains have also been pushed back in terms of sales and profits.

Rising inflation and global supply chain problems have equally affected both shoppers and grocers. Trying to stay afloat, several grocers have been forced to make massive strategic shifts, including the permanent closure of multiple locations across the country.

Grocery store chains may still be accessible if customers are willing to take the longer route and visit nearby locations. However, the closure of local stores greatly affects people in that specific region.

List of the grocery stores that are closing down in the coming weeks and/or days

News of major grocery store chains like Aldi, Kroger, Walmart, and more closing multiple stores permanently has been circulating on the internet over the last few months. While some of these closures are happening in regions with multiple alternatives, others are expected to leave the region with a lack of grocery stores.

The “Food Access Research Atlas” constructed by the USDA defines low access to healthy food related to being far from large grocery stores or supermarkets. In the last few months, the absence of grocery stores in multiple regions has turned them into food deserts.

For the unversed, 'food desert' is a term used to specify regions with a lack of a grocery store chain to supply them with fresh food and produce. Needless to say, this greatly affects the community's food security.

From fruits and veggies to milk, sugar, and more, a household with elderly or children is always in need of fresh groceries. While it may not always be possible, it is in the best interest of customers to find potential alternatives to their grocery shopping needs.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of grocers that have been shutting down multiple locations in the coming days and/or weeks:

1) Aldi

Aldi, the fastest-growing grocer, has announced that it will be closing at least one store in the Pittsburgh suburb of Lower Burrell on March 21, 2023. While the chain will also open a new 21,000-square-foot store in nearby New Kensington, the Pittsburgh store will no longer serve customers after March 21.

The closing store is also expected to start a clearance sale, dubbed 'Aisle of Shame', in the next few days.

2) Amazon Go

Amazon Go seems to be pulling back on its brick-and-mortar aspirations as the retailer announced the closure of over eight Amazon Go locations. At least four of the closing stores are located in San Francisco, while the other four are located in Seattle and New York.

3) Green Zebra

Portland, Oregon-based mini grocery chain, Green Zebra Grocery, announced that it will permanently close all of its current locations after being in business for over ten years. All three Green Zebra locations in the Oregon region will be shutting operations by March 31, thus marking the end of the grocer's journey.

Green Zebra Grocery has always been popular for its kombucha slushies and other healthy fares.

4) Kroger

Kroger has also announced the closure of two stores in Ohio to make way for a larger Kroger store that officially opened last week.

5) Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop has decided to close its store in Highland Park, N.J. on March 23. The reasons behind the closure of the store have been listed as underperformance and other financial difficulties. The closure of the store is feared to leave the N.J. region without a single grocery store.

6) Walmart

Last but not least, Walmart has also announced that it plans to shut down over eight stores. The two stores located in Portland, Oregon are set to be shuttered down starting March 24. Other stores that will be closing down in the coming weeks are located in Arkansas, Florida, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Illinois.

While multiple grocers across the United States will close down in the coming days, customers may still be able to get their favorite groceries if they are willing to go the extra mile.

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