Why is Brendon Urie being canceled? Allegations explored as singer trends on Twitter amid release of new album

Brendon Urie (Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images/DCP)
Brendon Urie (Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images/DCP)

Panic! At the Disco (PATD) frontman Brendon Urie has been bombarded with much controversy regarding allegations of s*xual harassment and assault, along with accusations of being racist, transphobic, and homophobic. These allegations resurfaced again on Friday, June 1, following the band's release of the title track of their upcoming album Viva Las Vengeance.

In addition to his controversial past with many serious allegations against him, Urie was accused of s*xually assaulting multiple minors in the last decade. Last year, many TikTok creators posted these allegations against him on the platform.

And here’s a video of him talking about girls/girls/boys...fetishizing women loving women. PS: If anyone has any screen recordings of the periscope of him talking about Rachel Dolezal or saying the n word send them here!…

Furthermore, in August 2020, netizens banded against the singer-songwriter and trended the hashtag #BrendonUrieSpeakUp on social media. This hashtag further helped the concerned social media users to generate much attention towards the controversial allegations against Urie. With Urie and his band set to release their upcoming album in August, this forces a new spotlight on his alleged troublesome behavior in the past.

Exploring the accusations against Brendon Urie's alleged instances of s*xual harassment/assault and more


In 2020, there were multiple new claims of Brendon Urie's allegedly inappropriate behavior. At the time, the online chatter originated when former Panic! At the Disco bassist Dallon Weekes' wife, Breezy Weekes, accused the band's bodyguard Zack Hall of s*xual harassment.

Breezy Weekes took to her Twitter in July 2020 and revealed multiple incidents featuring Zack Hall. In her statement, she recalled an incident where Hall had joked about getting Weekes to perform s*xual activities on him. She mentioned that at the time, Hall had said:

"I'm going to sit next to her [Breezy] maybe I can get her to jack me off during the movie!"
Abusive behavior is often dismissed as “jokes”. They’re not. These are just a couple examples of the “jokes” I had to endure. When I stopped ‘playing along’ , it got worse.

The allegations from Breezy Weekes caused a legion of PATD followers to urge Brendon Urie for a statement in that regard. Urie later addressed these allegations briefly. However, Hall is yet to speak about these accusations publicly. Around the time, many past allegations against the Utah native resurfaced on social media.


Netizens react to the allegations against Brendon Urie

Many shared the accusations of Twitter user @kam02700814 (whose account has since been deleted). The user alleged that Urie had touched him inappropriately in 2009 when he was a minor. This user recalled how the singer had allegedly attempted to touch his thigh, as a result of which 'Kam' ran away.

#BrendonUrieSpeakUp this is a thread of someone who was assulted at 15 by brendon urie. she has been silenced and her account is gone.
@jonleftflipflop people who are immediately assuming this is fake are so disgusting
#BrendonUrieSpeakUp haven't liked him since he said this
@nctyday people in the comments saying it’s a joke.... rape jokes aren’t funny
@dinasapphic All 6+ years ago, I guess I actually have a life since I’m not over here making a thread about someone’s mistakes, Strange. Stan Brendon Urie. ✨…

An eerily similar accusation was also highlighted in a Twitter thread by @leah62053062, where the person recalled an interaction with Brendon Urie in 2011 when the user was reportedly 15 years old. The user claimed that Urie had kissed her on the neck without consent and touched her genitalia before she ran away. This account has also been deleted since making such allegations.

Urie's controversial videos


In a video from an unidentified Panic! At the Disco concert, the 35-year-old Death of a Bachelor singer makes a controversial statement to his fans. As per the clip, Urie addressed the crowd and said:

"If I see you after the show, I'm gonna f**k you. I don't care if you want it. I more care if you don't want it. Because then I really want it."

Furthermore, Twitter user "@dinasapphic" has claimed that the singer allegedly made a similar comment in another video. The user has also accused the singer of anti-LGBTQ+ and ableist jokes.

Are any of the allegations proven?

The majority of allegations against the singer stemmed from @kam02700814 and @leah62053062's tweets, which remain unverified.

In regards to these accusations, several Redditors have commented in the r/panicatthedisco subreddit and claimed that these two users are the same person with a vendetta against Brendon Urie.

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