“You need to be IN JAIL”: Sasaeng allegedly breaks into NCT Jaehyun’s hotel room, fandom in an uproar

Sasaeng breaks into NCT Jaehyun
Sasaeng breaks into NCT Jaehyun's hotel room (Images via Instagram/_jeongjaehyun and Twitter/sunkissedviews)

The NCT fandom is in an uproar after an X (formerly Twitter) user @sunkissedviews allegedly broke into Jaehyun’s hotel room and posted short videos of the same on August 20, 2023. Fans immediately labeled the netizen as a sasaeng (a Korean term for obsessive fan) and tagged SM Entertainment to take action against her.

The netizen posted four videos of the hotel room, apparently in a rushed manner. As fans debated whether it was Jaehyun’s room, some noticed a white printed hoodie in the background. As per them, the singer wore the same hoodie in a recent video titled 1:27AM Pajama Night in NYC, which was released on the group’s official YouTube channel nearly nine months ago.

NCT fandom demands action as a fan posts videos after claiming she got Jaehyun’s hotel room keycard

Sasaengs breaking into idols’ dorms, chasing them on the roads, or stalking them throughout their public or private schedule isn’t unheard of in the K-pop industry. Some of the most gruesome activities occurred during the second generation of K-pop. But with the advent of the internet, several cases of clearly-illegal activities that some fans engage in are made prominent.

In the most recent case, on August 20, alleged videos from NCT Jaehyun’s hotel room in the US went viral on X. The videos were uploaded by the account named Judy with the username @sunkissedviews. The clips were only 2 to 5 seconds long and attempted to showcase how Jaehyun lived in the hotel.

The NCT fandom broke into an uproar immediately after discovering the clips. Their criticism heightened with every passing hour as they demanded that SM Entertainment take legal action against the X user, whom they labeled a sasaeng.

A few hours later, Judy posted screenshots of her conversation with a friend and shared that it was “def Jaehyun’s room.” She also claimed she didn’t break in but got the room’s keycard from someone.

Fans’ anger and resentment increased when she revealed that the recordings were from 10 months ago - which fit the duration when the Pajama Night video was released on NCT’s YouTube channel.

From calling her acts “illegal,” “insane,” and “pure disturbing,” fans rallied online for strict punishment for the sasaeng. Check out fans’ furious replies below:

Meanwhile, according to Celuv Media, SM Entertainment requested legal and police action against the fan who recorded and posted the videos. It stated that the activity "seriously infringes on the artist's privacy."

"The video was illegally taken and seriously infringes on the artist’s privacy. We are collecting information on the individual that first uploaded the video and all individuals who redistributed it. We will ask investigative agencies to conduct thorough investigations with the cooperation of both local and foreign law firms and website operators." (Translated via Koreaboo)

In other news, SM Entertainment partnered with Kakao to release a webtoon based on NCT-universe lore. The webtoon, titled NCT: Dream Contact, was released on August 18. It was seen as an impressive addition to the group’s upcoming comeback activities.

As part of their annual full-group NCT album release, all subunits (U, 127, WayV, and DREAM) of the group joined hands for the fourth full-length album called Golden Age. The album is set for release on August 28.

However, Taeil might not be seen in any recent-recorded promotional activities for Golden Age as he went on a medical hiatus after sustaining injuries from a motorcycle accident on August 15.

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