“You’ve done so well”: Former NMIXX member Jinni’s tutor praises the idol for taking the tough idol road

NMIXX's former member Jinni's ex-tutor posts an encouraging message praising the idol (Image via Twitter/NMIXX_official)

An encouraging message from the former teacher of NMIXX’s ex-member Jinni has been doing the rounds on Twitter. The teacher posted multiple photos of Jinni from her elementary school days along with a heartwarming message.

Twitter account @nmixxpics_ posted the screenshot after redacting the teacher’s Instagram username. The post garnered a lot of attention online as fans discussed the reasons behind Jinni leaving JYP Entertainment and the group.

In the post, the former K-pop idol's teacher praised her for doing her best. They also mentioned her hard work, talking about how Jinni would travel to and fro between Busan and Seoul to achieve her dreams:

“Honestly, your hard work will never betray you. It is because you did your best that you are able to freely let everything go without any regrets. You’ve done so well, Yoon Jin, traveling back and forth from Busan and Seoul as a fifth grader to fulfill your dreams.” (translation via Koreaboo)

The tutor added that they were proud of her and trusted her in making the right decision. They also mentioned Jinni’s elementary classmate who recently became an idol, and shared that it seemed as if the NMIXX member had passed on the baton to her.

NMIXX’s former member Jinni’s tutor posts a heartwarming message, netizens find out she’s doing well from her friend-turned-idol Saena

2022 was a tough year for K-pop fans as news of members leaving idol groups and/or getting caught up in controversies hit them continuously. One of these was the sudden announcement of Jinni leaving NMIXX and JYP Entertainment on December 8, 2022, after debuting the same year in February. The statement only mentioned “personal circumstances” as the reason behind the idol's departure.

Despite the member's exit, fan accounts for Jinni continue to operate on Twitter. They post any information they come across and keep other fans updated on Jinni’s whereabouts. One such account recently discovered the female idol’s former tutor posting a heartwarming message complimenting her publicly. As per translation via Koreaboo:

“You really, really did so well, you’re commendable and amazing, and you did so well! I am only now saying this publicly. Just like you said because you did your best without regrets, what can’t you do? I trust you.”

The tutor even added that they were proud to see the former NMIXX member and her friend, who was revealed to be Fifty Fifty’s Saena, accomplish great things. The tutor wrote (as per translation via Koreaboo):

“And should we start by congratulating your friend, who will be carrying the baton and starting her new life as an idol? Seeing the miracles that you both have accomplished makes me think of you guys often… Now that I think of it, I realize the person that should be thankful is me. Thank you for the cool memories we made together. I love my babies! I will also do my best, ^^”

Additionally, fans even discovered a clip in which Fifty Fifty’s Saena mentioned Jinni. She shared that the former NMIXX member was doing well and that they were still in contact.

Meanwhile, NMIXX now promotes as a six-member group with Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin.

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