Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 “Christmas” shoes: Where to get, price, and more details explored

Nike Zoom GT Cut 2 sneakers (Image via Nike)
Nike Zoom GT Cut 2 sneakers (Image via Nike)

During the middle of the 2010s, Nike Basketball reached its pinnacle with their collective holiday collection, which was the beginning of a theme centered around Christmas that was integrated into all of their distinctive designs.

The Beaverton brand's Greater Than collection of on-court sneakers is going to function as the annual themed group this year, which will be offering a cheerful “Christmas” rendition of the Zoom GT Cut 2 sneaker model. This celebratory colorway will feature a Violet Dust/Luminous Green-Purple Ink-Picante Red color palette.

The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 “Christmas” shoes are anticipated to enter the sneaker market on December 14, 2023. These shoes will be marked with a selling price label of $170 for each pair. They will be offered via the online as well as offline sites of Nike and a couple of associated retail merchants.

Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 “Christmas” shoes are accentuated with Picante Red touches all over

Here's another look at the upcoming sneakers (Image via Nike)
Here's another look at the upcoming sneakers (Image via Nike)

As the spirit of the Christmas season draws near, Nike Basketball continues to uphold its long history of celebration. A dearth of characteristic holiday-themed designs is being addressed, even though they may not be as popular as they were in the past.

The arrival of a limited-edition Air Zoom GT Cut 2 that is packed with holiday cheer is something that sneaker enthusiasts as well as basketball fans can look forward to in December 2023.

This particular pair of Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 sneakers features a dazzling color scheme that includes Violet Dust, Luminous Green, Purple Ink, and Picante Red. To fully embrace the festive mood of the holiday season, the sneaker features a satin heel tab that has been decorated with enchanting snowflake embellishments.

This is beautifully accented by a unique hangtag. In addition, the footwear oozes a distinct Christmas spirit thanks to the vibrant green and red details that are incorporated into its design.

Take a closer look at the heels and tongue areas of the shoes (Image via Nike)
Take a closer look at the heels and tongue areas of the shoes (Image via Nike)

The blend of Air Zoom Strobel padding with a Zoom Air unit in the heel, which are all situated on top of a semi-translucent outsole, brings about the comfort that is guaranteed by this shoe.

The idea behind the creation of these sneakers is stated on Swoosh’s site in the following manner:

“Key to the shoe is an all-new, advanced traction design. It features a rubber compound arranged in an intense wiper-blade pattern with deep tread grooves. When the player applies force with each step, the grooves separate and then snap back upon release, helping the player dig into the court to cut with quickness. A second zone of nubbed traction is spread up the forefoot.”

The latest Zoom GT Cut 2 "Swoosh Fly" shoes will be available in the coming days, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Readers who are interested in receiving instant notifications regarding the arrival of the sneaker are encouraged to sign up on the website of the Swoosh.

In addition to the aforementioned Zoom GT Cut 2 “Christmas,” the Swoosh label will also offer the freshly designed themed iterations of the GT Jump 2 and GT Hustle 2 models as part of the “Christmas” pack. These sneakers will cost $190 and $170, respectively.

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