"No one cares about her": Fans claim they're over Nicole's storyline in The Family Chantel Season 4

Nicole Jimeno from The Family Chantel (Image via TLC)
Nicole Jimeno from The Family Chantel (Image via TLC)

The Family Chantel Season 4 returned to TLC for an all-new episode on Monday night. This week, intense conversations seemed to be the norm as Pedro and Chantel got into a heated argument. However, they were not the only ones to find themselves in the midst of a serious talk.

Nicole also faced an unexpected situation when Alejandro returned to her office in hopes of winning her back. However, she refused to give in.

Despite his insistence, Alejandro was taken aback at Nicole's reaction.

What happened between Alejandro and Nicole in the latest episode of The Family Chantel?

Episode 5 of The Family Chantel featured Alejandro surprising Nicole at her workplace and trying to win her back. Even though she told him to leave, he didn't back down. He insisted that he wouldn't go until they had a conversation.

Nicole, on the other hand, only kept yelling at him to leave, which shocked Alejandro. He shared that he knew that she wouldn't be happy, but hadn't expected such an intense reaction from her.

During her confessional, Nicole shared,

"I feel like Alejandro is always deaf to things I say. Alejandro is not someone who listens. He always puts the things he wants above what I want. I told him the last time I talked to him to give me space, to give me time, not to intefere with that, that when I wanted to talk to him, I would reach out, but he never gives me space. He doesn't allow me to think about what I want."

Nicole also shared that she didn't want her mother to find out that Alejandro came to meet her at her office. She somehow convinced him to leave, but he didn't stop there. Instead, he went on to meet one of her friends and tried to tell her to convince Nicole to get back with him.

Fans who watched the drama unfold between Alejandro and Nicole took to social media to claim that they were done with her storyline.

The Family Chantel Season 4, Episode 5: Fans say they don't want to see Nicole anymore

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that they were done with Nicole's storyline and didn't want to see her onscreen anymore. A few others added that no one cared about The Family Chantel star.

More details on what happened this week in The Family Chantel Season 4, Episode 5

After meeting up with Nicole's friend Coriama, Alejandro tried to convince her to talk to Nicole. Despite Coriama trying to talk to Nicole, the latter still stood firm in her decision. Later in the episode, Alejandro decided to go meet Nicole with a bouquet of flowers. Nicole threw the bouquet on the ground and stomped on it.

While she was inside her car, Alejandro tried to get her to the lower window, which she didn't do and drove away. However, Alejandro shared that he wouldn't give up on trying to get her back.

Meanwhile, Pedro and Chantel's marital issues continued. The Family Chantel star continued to accuse his wife of being lazy and not doing any work at home. Chantel shared that he wasn't taking into consideration the long hours of work she did as a nurse.

Later, she went to her brother River's house and asked if she could spend the night there. The next day, River went to his mother's place to reveal what happened. Though she tried to undercut the gravity of her marital problems from her family, they found out for themselves.

More drama is expected next week when River and Karen arrive at Chantel's home to confront Pedro regarding his behavior.

The Family Chantel airs every Monday night at 8 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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