"No one cares": Why are Family Karma fans criticizing Richa's mother in season 3, episode 1?

Richa and Lopa from Family Karma (Image via Instagram/@cheenimalai)
Richa and Lopa from Family Karma (Image via Instagram/@cheenimalai)

Family Karma season 3 premiered on Sunday, November 6, on Bravo. Episode 1 of the newly released series focused on Vishal and Richa's wedding in Mexico. The big fat Indian wedding celebration included around 250+ people, who came to celebrate the couple in a three-day long Bollywood-themed wedding.

While the premiere episode of Family Karma season 3 was filled with fun, laughter, and entertainment, there was also unavoidable drama present. One constant issue that kept the drama alive was between Richa's mom, Lopa, and Vishal. Lopa made it very evident that she wasn't in favor of the marriage between Richa and Vishal, although the couple had been dating for ten years.

During their pre-wedding celebrations, Richa's mom didn't let a chance slip when it came to expressing her dislike for Vishal. This didn't sit well with fans, who claimed that it was insane to witness Lopa talking badly about her daughter's partner.

That wasn't the only thing that left fans unimpressed with Richa's mother. While all the parents did a dance together, Lopa didn't join them. Instead, she performed a solo dance that didn't sit well with fans.

Family Karma fans condemn Richa's mother for her behavior

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that it was a known fact that Lopa hated Vishal, but there was nothing she could do about it. Fans also called her "insane" for talking badly about him. Fans also slammed her for not participating with the other parents during the dance and doing her own thing. Some fans also criticized both Richa and her mother, Lopa, and called them annoying.

Family Karma season 3 episode 1 saw Vishal get drunk

At the start of the episode, Richa's mother shared that she was going to go with the flow, but didn't seem to be fully onboard with her daughter marrying Vishal. In the evening, the family commenced with their pre-wedding festivities. While the other parents all got together and performed a group dance, Richa's mother tried to outshine them all by performing a solo dance.

Later in the evening, Vishal got too drunk and fell off a DJ table, almost pulling Richa's mother while falling. The next day, during the Haldi ceremony, Lopa banned Vishal from drinking any more alcohol. But he didn't listen. She then tells the other cast members that they should drop Vishal in the ocean so he doesn't come back.

Lopa seemed to be very much against Vishal and didn't approve of him. It almost seemed like they didn't get her permission to get married. Later that evening, Vishal was on a spree of doing shots. This upset both Lopa and Richa. Lopa walked up to the bartenders and told them not to give Vishal any more alcohol. But the minute she turned her back, he continued to drink. This left Richa upset.

Next week, when the series returns, more drama will arise as the wedding celebrations continue on Family Karma.

Family Karma airs every Sunday night at 9 pm ET only on Bravo.

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