"No parent for Carolyn?": Fans react as Carolyn Moore's friend appears instead of parents on Joe Millionaire

Carolyn's best friend had some tough questions for Kurt on Joe Millionaire (Image via caroesteph/ Imstagram, sir_kurt/ Instagram)
Carolyn's best friend had some tough questions for Kurt on Joe Millionaire (Image via caroesteph/ Imstagram, sir_kurt/ Instagram)

It was time for more surprises in Joe Millionaire's Lakeshore mansion as the contestants' families came to visit, only to be told that their daughter was dating not one, but two men at the same time.

Kurt Sowers and Steven Mcbee looked nervous meeting the parents as they didn't know what the families would perceive of the show's concept.

While most women in Joe Millionaire had their parents visiting the manor, Carolyn Moore was the only one whose parents were nowhere to be seen. Instead, it was Carolyn's best friend, Alex, who came to visit her.

Fans of the show were also surprised to see Carolyn's best friend visit her, instead of her parents. One fan tweeted:

Carolyn's best friend visits the mansion

Joe Millionaire stars Kurt Sowers and Steven Mcbee were surprised when Carol's best friend, Alex, showed up. Carolyn had known Alex since her teenage years and felt that he would be the best judge to determine whether Kurt was the one for her.

Carolyn confessed to Alex that she had made a genuine connection with Kurt and said that this was nothing like what she had ever experienced. She hinted at her potentially falling for Kurt.

At the dinner table on Joe Millionaire, Alex resumed his best friend duties by asking Kurt important questions on why he chose Carolyn and where their relationship was at. Kurt owed it all to his initial "gut feeling" and nothing more than that. Kurt and Carolyn confessed that they were drawn to each other.

Alex also pulled Kurt aside after dinner and asked Kurt about his long-term plans to welcome Carolyn, her son, and her ex-husband's relationship. For Kurt, that didn't seem like the problem, but his issue was that he wasn't getting any answers. He said:

"It's about everything that comes with it. But there's very real questions that need to be answered, and I just-I just dont-I don't know the answers to them right now and I wish I did."

Fans react to Carolyn's parents not paying a visit on Joe Millionaire

Fans were surprised to see that it was only Carolyn's parents who weren't able to pay a visit. They took to social media to express their feelings and make assumptions about their absence.

Fans also had a lot to say about Carolyn's best friend Alex's appearance on the show.

The episode also saw Kurt bond with Amanda Pace's family, after which Amanda decided that it was a good decision not to leave the show. Steven Mcbee bonded with Annie's father over making a long distance relationship work.

Joe Millionaire Season 2 airs every Thursday at 8.00 pm ET on Fox.

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