"Not attracted to Shaquille": Married at First Sight fans feel Kristen does not like her husband

Will Shaquille and Kristen
Will Shaquille and Kristen's marriage last? (Image via Lifetime)

Married at First Sight season 16 aired its second episode on Tuesday, January 11, 2023. This week, Kristen and Shaquille tied the knot without meeting or talking to each other before the ceremony. In the wedding ceremony, Shaquille smiled at Kristen as she walked down the aisle, but the latter did not even say hi to her husband.

She did not praise Shaquille when he complimented her on her looks. Kristen's wedding speech included the words "will give you grace" and "I may be a beauty today but a beast on some days." However, Shaquille's speech was very emotional and said that Kristen and he will grow and be "lit" together.

Following the ceremony, Kristen refused to kiss her husband on the lips. Shaquille hugged Kristen and kissed her cheek after saying that he respected her boundaries. It was only after the ceremony that Kristen praised her husband after he praised her dress. Kristen was happy to learn that Shaquille was mentoring kids at the university but had her doubts about the union.

Shaquille said that Kristen was just what he wanted in a partner. However, Married at First Sight fans felt that Kristen was neither attracted to her husband nor interested in being with him.

Married at First Sight fans shocked as Kristen says that Shaquille already has two strikes

Shaquille is one year younger than Kristen, which, according to the latter, is a big strike in a relationship. She was also shocked that her husband was bald and called it his "second strike."

Married at First Sight fans did not feel that their marriage would last, given that Kristen did not even kiss her husband on their wedding day and has already given him two strikes.

Recap of Married at First Sight season 16 episode 1

Lifetime's description of the premiere episode, titled Marry Me in Tennessee, read:

"In Nashville, Tenn., 10 singles have just found out that they'll be marrying a complete stranger in two short weeks; at the bachelorette party, one bride-to-be raises her eyebrows when she gets flirty with a stripper; a groom's emotions take over."

Last week on Married at First Sight, Kristen admitted that she has been picky about men in the past, but was now ready to settle down, much to the excitement of her mother. Her soon-to-be husband Shaquille was also very happy and felt that every step in his life, including a life-altering car accident, had led him to this point.

Domynique revealed that her mother had signed her up for the experiment, and she was ready to get married with the support of her friends.

Nicole, who is from New York, confessed that she loved dogs, just like her husband-to-be Chris. He has never lived with a woman before, so his friends were concerened about the experiment but hoped that he would be able to find the partner he has been waiting for.

Meanwhile, Airris’ cousin felt that he was not ready for any form of commitment. He was matched with pageant queen Jasmine, who is a cheerleader coach.

Later, when the men and women got together for dinner and a bachelorette party, Domynique was seen flirting with a dancer, much to the disappointment of the other brides.

Married at First Sight season 16 airs on Lifetime every Wednesday at 8 pm ET.

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