"Now this is some evidence": Young Thug court hearing video goes viral, sparks hilarious reactions 

Young Thug appears in court just a day after Gunna
Young Thug appears in court just a day after Gunna's release (Image via Atlanta News First)

On December 15, 2022, rapper Young Thug appeared in court ahead of his YSL RICO trial, which is expected to start next month. The hearing was livestreamed, and netizens noticed a peculiar incident that left them in a frenzy.

Regional news outlet 11Alive noted that the courtroom was facing certain technical issues, leading to them facing audio problems among other difficulties. The attendees and law enforcers moved into another room later on. However, the problem continued.

It seems like the livestream moment that has gone viral had something to do with the technical difficulties they were facing.

Popular Twitter account and hip-hop news publication DailyLoud uploaded a video of the awkward incident that took place in the courtroom. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a court monitor was hacked by an unidentified person while Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel was arguing for evidence to be suppressed in the case. Later on, a naked man appeared on a monitor. It was also reported that the phrase “Free Young Thug” was displayed on the screen as well.

Deputies were quick to rush and turn off the screens. Unsurprisingly, as the incident took place, Young Thug looked uninterested in what had occurred.

The video that was uploaded to the Twitter account has amassed over 3.6 million views at the time of writing this article. Several netizens endlessly quote-tweeted the video. It has also amassed over 32.5k likes.

Netizens react to the viral moment that took place during Young Thug’s court appearance

Internet users were flabbergasted after watching the video. Some netizens expressed doubt over what had happened as it was not evidently visible that there was a naked man dancing on the screen. However, those with sharper eyes were quick to notice the hilarious moment and were left in a tizzy. Several memes ensued after the video went viral. A few reactions to the moment read:

Young Thug’s lawyer hopes to get bond for rapper

Brian Steel, the singer’s lawyer fought for the latter to not only get a bond but also brought up several motions dealing with the evidence that was collected ahead of the trial, which is due to start on January 9.

Steel argued that the evidence that was seized from Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Williams’ residence in 2015 cannot be used as it was either invalid or did not exist. During the 2015 raid, law enforcement seized computers, cellphones and marijuana. Steel said in court:

“I challenged the initial entry to Mr. Williams’ home. He is the victim of constitutional rights that have been violated, and the state doesn’t get to go back and do it again.”

Judge Ural Glanville sided with the rapper and announced that cellphones and other evidence that was collected during the 2015 raid could not be used as evidence in the upcoming trial.

Thug’s court appearance came just a day after fellow rapper and co-defendant Gunna was released from jail after pleading guilty to the charges against him. Gunna also released a statement saying that although he took the Alford plea, he would not be cooperating with the prosecution.

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