Old Indiefoxx tweet about Twitch streamers "selling their bodies" goes viral as fans call out Hot-tub hypocrisy 

EIndiefoxx is one of the most notable "hot-tub" streamers today
EIndiefoxx is one of the most notable "hot-tub" streamers today
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

An old tweet by "Hot-Tub" Twitch streamer Jenelle Dagres aka Indiefoxx recently went viral on social media, leading several Twitter users to label her views as hypocritical.

The 26-year old streamer is one of the most recognizable poster-girls of the "Hot-Tub" meta on Twitch today, a genre that has become a source of intense debate online.

However, it appears that she was not always a fan of the aforementioned genre, as evident from an old tweet of hers from 2017, which resurfaced online recently:

A recent post by popular Twitter handle "Caught in 4K" attempted to expose the strong duality of opinion that Indiefoxx expressed once upon a time.

In a tweet dating back to 2017, the Twitch streamer reportedly slammed the platform for enabling scantily clad women to stream online, while simultaneously espousing the ideals of feminism and equality:

"I'm ashamed to say Twitch is a platform that supports lazy females selling their bodies for cash, you are teaching little girls to sell s*x cuz that's what's popular. Make them wear T-shirts and pants. Compete on the same playing field as men. Feminism is equality. Spread the word"

Despite the initial duplicitious nature of the tweet, it appears that Indiefoxx tweeted the message from her previous account back in 2017, which is currently private.

The aforementioned tweet soon went viral online, with scores of Twitter users responding to the hypocritical nature of the tweet via a slew of hilarious comments.

Indiefoxx's old tweet leaves Twitter baffled by her Hot-Tub streams on Twitch

Along with Kaitlyn 'Amouranth" Sigarusa, IndieFoxx is known to rake in a stellar chunk of overall viewership numbers on Twitch, courtesy of simply streaming from a hot-tub.

With 709K followers on Twitch, her "Just Chatting" content has become a hotbed of debate among the streaming community, with several streamers voicing their displeasure over where Twitch, as a platform, seems to be heading.

Originally, her content revolved around singing and traveling. Of late, however, there seems to have been a complete shift towards hot-tub streams.

Keeping in mind her tweet from 2017 and the persona she exhibits on stream today, several fans took to Twitter to point out the hypocrisy in rather humorous fashion:

While her tweet might very well have been said in jest in the form of a parody tweet, it appears that Indiefoxx seems to have no qualms in jumping onto the Hot-Tub bandwagon today.

With this particular genre being one of the most lucrative today, several people also believe that she has simply adapted to the times, as hot-tub streams continue to reign supreme on Twitch.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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