One Day Off: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, and everything to know about Lee Na-young's upcoming drama 

Featuring Lee Na-young (Image via Wavve Instagram)
Featuring Lee Na-young (Image via Wavve Instagram)

K-drama fans are eagerly waiting for the highly-anticipated slice-of-life series One Day Off featuring Lee Na-young. The excitement among viewers is high as the actress is finally making a drama comeback after almost four years. She was last featured in the healing drama Romance is a Bonus Book alongside Lee Jong-suk, where fans loved her chemistry with the aforementioned actor.

Needless to say, as the craze for K-dramas is rapidly increasing, it seems that fans are more inclined toward healing and soothing genres of dramas. Fans are also stating that the released poster and trailer for the drama are already radiating a healing vibe. While the plot of One Day Off revolves around how traveling heals the protagonist of the drama, viewers are stating that actress Lee Na-young has made a return to the drama world to heal their hearts and souls.

Everything to know about Lee Na-young's upcoming healing drama One Day Off

Release date

Lee Na-young's upcoming slice-of-life drama One Day Off is slated to premiere on May 24, 2023, with eight episodes. The Wavve drama is helmed by director Lee Jong-pil and penned by screenwriter Son Mi. The Korean name for the drama is Parkhakyung Yeohaenggi. The drama will reportedly be available on Kocowa to stream.


One Day Off revolves around the life of Park Ha-kyung and is set in the year 1990s. She is a teacher, whose primary work is to teach Korean Literature to high school students. Living a monotonous and ordinary life, she decides to go on one-day trips every Saturday to escape from her boring reality and live a different life for a day at least.

As she travels every Saturday, Park Ha-hyung encounters different types of people, tries a variety of food, and walks around the alleys of different districts. She realizes that by traveling every Saturday she feels comfort and finds herself on the path of healing.

Cast and characters

The drama One Day Off features actress Lee Na-young in the lead role, and it will be centered around her character Park Ha-kyung, chronicling the daily activities in the high school teacher's life.

Lee Na-young is well known for other dramas including The Fugitive Plan: B, Ireland, and Ruler of Your Own World while she has also starred in movies including Beautiful Days, Woman, Man, and many others.

Several other well-known celebrities will make guest appearances in the drama, including Park Se-wan, who will play the role of young Park Hae-kyung. Other notable actors to appear on the drama include Koo Kyu-hwan, Park In-hwan, Seo Hyun-woo, and Kil Hae-yeon.


One Day Off has released a series of stills, posters, and an official trailer where the actress Lee Na-young's character is seen spending her free time on Saturdays traveling and enjoying the time by herself. The trailer showcases a variety of emotions Park Ha-kyung goes through. She wants to disappear from her life where students don't even listen to her and live a life where she could freely eat, travel, and make friends.

The One Day Off trailer showcases her meeting with different kinds of people, spending quality time with them, meditating, reading books, hearing music, and enjoying her time by the beach. She meets several people of different ages and spends her time with them, gradually transforming herself with the help of traveling and showcasing her journey of healing.

The upcoming drama One Day Off promises a compelling storyline about healing that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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