"Only here because of Taylor":  Big Brother fans thrilled to see Taylor Hale on Miss USA event

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin sat in the Miss USA event (Images via thetaylormack/ Instagram)
Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin sat in the Miss USA event (Images via thetaylormack/ Instagram)

Tonight's Miss USA crowing moment was special for many Big Brother fans as Season 24 winner Taylor Hale sat in the audience with her partner Joseph Abdin. The couple did not appear on screen but shared some Instagram stories, which made fans very happy.

They were heard discussing their favorite contestants in the competition. Taylor joked about Abdin including Miss Pennsylvania on his list, even though she was not included in the cut. Joseph had difficulty remembering the states they were rooting for but said he was having a good time. Joseph also shared an Instagram story of him helping Taylor Hale click a photo.

Fans were happy to see their favorite couple having a good time. They said most people watched the competition because of Taylor and Joseph's Insta stories.

Miss USA better run Taylor Hale her streaming coins. 😂 I do like watching it, but I'm only here because of Taylor Hale. #bb24 #missusa2022 #MissUSA

Big Brother fans thank Taylor Hale for increasing the viewership of the Miss USA event

Many fans felt that more than half of the views for the event were brought in by Taylor Hale's story. Netizens further requested the couple to appear on screen.

Ugh I haven't watched pageants since I was a little kid. Now I remember why I stopped... Taylor Hale brought us. You are welcome for the views. Thank Taylor, @MissUSA. 💅 #MissUSA #BB24…
@vanitybyjai Lmao @MissUSA give the people what they want. We want Taylor Hale & Joseph. Jaylor #missusa #missusa2022…
I can't believe @TMackenzieH had us all watching Miss USA. It was actually fun! Miss Ohio was my winner (Taylor put us on) but congrats to Miss Texas #MissUSA #BB24 #Jaylor
Go to the audience & interview Taylor Hale @MissUSA. You owe her for these views. #bb24 #MissUSA #missusa2022…
Yes @MissUSA we are here because of Taylor Hale. Show Jaylor. #bb24 #missusa2022 #missusa…
Taylor was right. A lot of these girls are talking about real issues. Eating disorders, etc. Paloma had such a narrow view on what a pageant girl is... Smh#MissUSA #missusa2022 #bb24
I'm only watching Miss USA because of Taylor Hale. Hope they show @TMackenzieH tonight. Haven't watched since I was little. #MissUSA #missusa2022 #bb24
80% of the #MissUSA hashtag were just big brother fans watching cause of Taylor 😭
Nah how crazy would that be if we got Taylor in a space again and she gave us the pageant tea recap. I needdddd that to happen #bb24 #MissUSA
I just can't get enough of these two...#bb24 #Jaylor #MissUSA

Taylor Hale recently won two titles

Miss Michigan USA Taylor Hale recently won the Big Brother Season 24 finale on Sunday, September 25. She became the first black woman to win the competition and was named the first-ever America's Favorite Player.

She represented Michigan in the 70th Miss USA competition on November 29, 2021, in Oklahoma, where she failed to make it to the Top 16 contestants. Hale was, however, awarded the Miss Congeniality award.

She and Joseph Abdin have been together since the show's finale. The pair had encountered each other before the show, but officially met in the Big Brother house. Joseph stayed in the competition and supported her, even when others ran out of the room.

Both were a part of the Leftover alliance, and Taylor admitted that she had a crush on him at the time. After the split house challenge, Joseph was evicted from the show. The houseguests lied to her that Joseph had betrayed her, and she grew distraught. She had a short fling with Monte too.

Speaking about dating Taylor, Joseph said,

"It can be a little overwhelming with all the introductions and getting to know everybody after spending so much time in a house where we were isolated."

Taylor Hale and Joseph stayed at Todrick Hall's house with the other houseguests together for a week. They later flew to Reno together to see the Miss USA event.

The couple was also seen at the premiere of CBS' The Real Love Boat in California on October 1.

What happened at the Miss USA event tonight?

Tonight at the Miss USA event, 51 ladies participated in the competition, and only 16 got a chance to move forward because of online votes. The judges eliminated four members out of the chosen 16 based on their first impression walk.

12 states got a chance to participate in the Miss USA event: Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Tennessee, Vermont, Missouri, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, Nebraska, Ohio, Illinois, and Connecticut.

After the swimsuit and evening gown round, five women were chosen. Miss Texas R'Bonney Gabriel won the Miss USA title.

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