"Don't protect them": Fans criticize Taylor for not putting Jasmine up for eviction on Big Brother

Fans slam Taylor for not putting Jasmine up on the block on Big Brother (Image via Instagram/thetaylormack,thejasminemonroe)
Fans slam Taylor for not putting Jasmine up on the block on Big Brother (Image via Instagram/thetaylormack,thejasminemonroe)

In yet another dramatic episode of Big Brother Season 24 on August 14, 2022, the remaining houseguests put their best foot forward in the new Head of Household (HoH) competition, out of which fan-favorite Taylor Hale emerged as the champion. What felt like a respite for both Taylor and the viewers after the win quickly turned into a mess when the winner had to nominate two people for eviction.

While the most obvious target for this week's eviction was Jasmine, which was suggested to Taylor by viewers and members of the Leftovers alliance, the new HoH didn't want to put a fellow black woman up on the chopping block. Instead, she opted to put Indy and Terrance up for eviction.

Fans, however, were left unimpressed with Taylor's choice as Jasmine would have been an easier target. Viewers felt that Jasmine had been up against Taylor since day one and wouldn't have hesitated to put Taylor up on the block if she were the HoH. One fan tweeted:

I think Taylor is missing the point that Jasmine would put her on the block in a second as would Indy. Taylor you were never in the girls alliance so don’t protect them #bb24 #BigBrother24 #BigBrother #BB24

Taylor doesn't want to put Jasmine up on the block on Big Brother

On this week's episode of Big Brother, Taylor was still basking in the glory of winning the HoH competition before the reality of the responsibility struck her. The star had to put two fellow contestants up on the block for Thursday night's eviction and had many ideas, none of which she later realized would work in her favor.

The iconic wall comp is not for the faint of heart!🤭💥#BB24

However, there was a clear choice amongst viewers as well as the members of the Leftovers alliance. They suggested that she put Jasmine up on the block as she was completely against Taylor since the time the competition began. However, Taylor revealed that she would not put a fellow Black woman up for eviction.

Although the members of the Big Brother Leftovers Alliance agreed with her and respected her decision, they still felt that Jasmine was the best choice to get eliminated this week. The members thought that after Jasmine's eviction, their alliance would be stronger than ever, and they could maintain the same until they reach the Top 7 with all being only the alliance members.

In a confessional, Monte revealed that if Jasmine was crowned the Head of Household (HoH), there was no way she would've thought twice before putting Taylor up on the block and sending her out of the game. He still respected Taylor for her decision.

It might be too little, too late.😬#BB24

The current Big Brother HoH still had her reservations about not putting up Jasmine on the block. However, after some thinking, she realized she was going to stick with her gut and go with Indy and Terrance. Taylor confessed that she had promised herself that by coming into the house, she would not nominate another black woman for eviction.

At the nomination ceremony, Taylor put Indy and Terrance up on the block. While she told Indy that they hadn't connected well, her obvious target was to evict Terrace after he colluded with Daniel to plot against her in the previous episode.

Fans unimpressed with HoH Taylor's choice during nomination ceremony

Fans weren't sold on the idea of Taylor not going against Jasmine and took to social media to express their disappointment.

Not nominating someone because of their race and gender is one of THE DUMBEST things you can do. Jasmine treated u like garbage and still does and mixing in emotion instead of logic when u have power will always lead to downfall #bigbrother #bigbrother24 #bigbrother #BigBrotherUS
Taylor girl what are you doing Jasmine is right there if she were HOH she wouldn’t hesitate to put you up again #bigbrother #bigbrother24 #bb24
Taylor is a real life idiot. “i don’t want to put up a black woman” .. girl bye! They had your black ass on the block every chance they got. #bigbrother24
I dont see Jasmine as a black woman. Sorry! #bigbrother24
Indy will put Taylor up in a heartbeat and so will Jasmine. #bigbrother24
Taylor is really pissing me off right now with her choices that make zero sense she deserves to lose this season with her stupidity #bb24 #bigbrother24 #bigbrother #BB24
I dont think I can rock with Taylor after all the stupid plans she has on who to put up. I am sorry. I am done. #bigbrother24
Jasmine would NEVER DO THE SAME!!!! Taylor get her out, cane and alll! #BigBrother #bb24 #bigbrother24
Ok I get not wanting to put up another black women… but Taylor do you really think Jasmine would feel the same way??? #bb24 #bigbrother24

What lies ahead?

With Taylor winning the Head of Household (HoH) competition and nominating Indy and Terrance for eviction, it is clear who her target is. But with the impending double eviction twist, it will be interesting to see how her decision during the nomination ceremony will fare with her fellow cast members.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Big Brother on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 8.00 pm ET on CBS.

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