"The leftovers played it so well": Fans react to another Big Brother blindside that led to Ameerah's eviction in Episode 10

Fans compliment the Leftovers Alliance for evicting Ameerah on Big Brother (Image via Instagram/turnurr,thetaylormack,ibbinsider)
Fans compliment the Leftovers Alliance for evicting Ameerah on Big Brother (Image via Instagram/turnurr,thetaylormack,ibbinsider)

Big Brother aired its eviction episode on Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on CBS. Following Pooch's blindside the previous week, a new alliance joined forces to undertake another blindside. With a 7-4 vote against Ameerah, she was the next contestant to be evicted from the reality competition.

The Leftover Alliance, with members including Joseph, Monte, Turner, Kyle, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor, brought their A-game when they caused a significant blindside after evicting Ameerah out of the house. Although Turner was the HoH and Michael and Brittany won the Power of Veto (PoV), their votes weren't counted. But after a 7-4 vote against Ameerah, she was eliminated from the game.

Fans credited the Leftovers Alliances for bringing down one of the strongest threats in the game. One fan tweeted:


Season 24 of Big Brother has fed viewers with drama with each episode. The show was initially criticized for its mistreatment of Taylor Hale, as well as the behavior of other contestants. However, with the new alliance being formed and Pooch and Ameerah's elimination, the tides have shifted.

Big Brother Season 24 Leftovers Alliance evict Ameerah

Last night's episode of Big Brother showed that two of the strongest threats, Daniel and Nicole, targeted Taylor with their blame game and outbursts. But what the two didn't know was that the other houseguests, who were treated as underdogs, had had it enough.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Leftovers. 👊 #BB24

Kyle orchestrated the Leftovers alliance and planned to evict Ameerah from the game. Michael and Brittany were part of this alliance and, after winning the PoV, exercised their power to save themselves. Now that they weren't both on the chopping block, the Head of Household (HoH) had to announce a replacement nominee to be sent to the chopping block, where one of them would be evicted.

Being the HoH, Turner called out the bullying against Taylor and confessed there was one clear target planted in the house, which didn't sit well with him. The HoH further stated that it wasn't good for his game and didn't want to add to the "dogpile."

"A lot of you say some crazy things about individuals. As the youngest one in this house, I dont feel I should be the one to say that it's not okay, but here I am."

The Big Brother HOH continued:

"There has been a lot of bullying of Taylor in this house. While I dont think I have been perfect, it stops today. Moving forward I am rocking with Taylor and the Leftovers alliance."
The votes are IN!! 👀 #BB24

He then nominated Ameerah and Terrence to be on the chopping block, which surprised the nominees, Daniel and Nicole. However, they remained unaware of the alliance throughout the episode. Although Ameerah witnessed the alliance members talking to each other, she thought they were hanging out and was subsequently confident of her safety.

Ahead of the Big Brother eviction, Turner assured Terrance he would be safe. Although Nicole, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine voted for Terrance, Daniel's sympathy for Terrance made him vote for Alyssa, which became the deciding factor in the latter's elimination.

Fans react to Big Brother Season 24 Leftovers Alliance blindside

During Ameerah's exit interview, when asked who she thought was behind her elimination, she revealed that it was possibly Nicole, Daniel, and Michael. The fact that Nicole and Daniel didn't even plot against her was a testament to how the Leftover Alliance dominated the game.

Fans credited the newly formed alliance for causing another interesting blindside on Big Brother.

@Pooyaism Right?! They could go down as one of the most brilliant alliances in history!!!! Let’s get it #Leftovers!!!!! #bb24 #bigbrother24 #AmeerahEvictionParty
Sad to see Ameerah go, but was just outplayed by the leftovers. Great player, but put an easy target on her back early!! Joseph and Kyle for F2 now!!#BB24 #BigBrother #BigBrother24
HERE'S TO THE LEFTOVERS!!!Long may they reign in the BB House this season! #bb24 #BB24
This episode served up everything including the leftovers. Did not disappoint at all. #leftovers #bb24
the leftovers fueling the fire tonight #bb24
Ameerah really did think she was better than everybody else not just in the game but in life. Her arrogance definitely showed tonight. The Leftovers cut her a slice of humble pie. Good riddance #BB24…
How the leftovers were as Ameerah was walking out😩 #AmeerahEvictionParty #BB24
i’m ready for the other side of the house to crumble from within after the leftovers got ameerah #bb24
Ameerah looked pissed when the leftovers was revealed to her 😂, especially Joseph, Kyle and Monte 😂#BB24
Bye Ameerah! Long Live The Leftovers #BBblindside #BB24
I still can’t believe ameerah said Daniel and Nicole were behind her eviction, like the leftovers are not playing they said we’re academy award winners! #BB24
the leftovers to ameerah #bb24

By the end of the episode, Ameerah's Festie Bestie Terrance was asked to join an existing pair of besties for his competition. One contestant who will be left after every eviction will have to enter a current group of besties to compete. The episode ended with the beginning of the HoH competition, and viewers will have to tune in next time to find out who wins the HoH.

Don't forget to tune in for an all-new episode of Big Brother on Sunday, July 31, 2022, at 8.00 pm on CBS.

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