"CBS is a disgrace": Fans slam CBS after showing Taylor Hale in poor light on Big Brother Season 24

Fans slam CBS for showcasing Big Brother contestant Taylor Hale in a bad light (Image via Instagram/@ibbinsider, @thetaylormack)
Fans slam CBS for showcasing Big Brother contestant Taylor Hale in a bad light (Image via Instagram/@ibbinsider, @thetaylormack)

Big Brother aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on CBS. While the episode saw a major powerplay between the cast members, it was also scrutinized for how it depicted fan-favorite contestant Taylor Hale.

Fans slammed CBS for portraying Taylor in a poor light by editing her out in a way that could potentially turn many people against her. One fan tweeted:

@CBSBigBrother #BB24Nah this season is done for…CBS is a disgrace. Taylor does not deserve this horrible treatment. DANIEL PALOMA CBS AND EVERY ONE OF THEM ARE GONNA BURNING IN HELL FOR THIS.

Season 24 of Big Brother premiered on July 6, 2022, and saw 16 house guests being introduced by longtime host Julie Chen Moonves.

The contestants entered the BB Motel, their newly designed home for the season, and took part in challenges that were part of the summer theme, BB Fest.

Fans criticize CBS for allegedly giving Big Brother contestant Taylor Hale bad edits, slam house guests for mistreating her

In Episode 3 of Big Brother, the contestants continued to form alliances ahead of the first eviction of the season.

It was evident that most of the house guests wanted Taylor Hale to be the first person to go. The main instigator for this mission was Paloma Aguilar, who constantly belittled Taylor by stating that she lacked "self-awareness."

At the beginning of the episode, Paloma and the other girls watched Taylor's small fashion show and complimented her on her looks. However, the girls criticized her during their respective confessionals.

Fans felt that CBS deliberately put Taylor in a poor light by not showing her point of view. The television network showcased Paloma's strategy throughout the one-hour episode but included just a couple of confessionals from Taylor.

Paloma constantly belittled Taylor after she turned down her proposal for a girl's alliance against the men. Taylor wasn't in favor of the idea because she felt it was too early in the show.

After Taylor tried strategizing by putting her trust in Monte and revealing Paloma's plan, she was chosen as the target for eviction.

When Monte confronted Paloma about the same, she denied forming an alliance against the men. The pair then discussed sending Taylor home. They believed that the only way to potentially make the exit happen was to talk HoH Daniel into choosing Taylor as the "replacement nominee."

After Michael won the Power of Veto challenge, his nomination for eviction became invalid, which meant that the HoH had to choose a "replacement nominee."

Both Monte and Paloma talked Daniel into nominating Taylor for eviction, and that is precisely what he did. In the final meeting, Michael's vote was nullified, and Taylor was chosen alongside Terrence for the final two eviction nominations.

At the end of the episode, CBS showed Taylor Hale breaking down thinking about the possibility of going home. Fans were heartbroken to see their favorite contestant struggling in the house. They took to Twitter to slam the network and fellow house guests for giving the contestant bad edits and mistreating her.

CBS really edited their entire episode to make Taylor look bad to the casual viewer. Those conversations were prior to Michael and Terrance even being nominated, they wanted Taylor up initially and the reason she wasn't put up is because he was afraid she would "explode". #BB24
On the real real,I can’t watch tomorrow night. As a BB fan,it’ll be hard to resist,but CBS does not deserve to ratings. Justice for Taylor #BB24 #BB24Taylor
@CBS @CBSBigBrother making Paloma the victim of the Monte situation is beyond disgusting. Taylor deserves justice for those awful houseguests. #bigbrother24 #BB24 #bigbrother
Something about cbs knowing there was racism behind Taylor’s nomination but actively editing the episode to make her the villain is just so twisted to me #BB24
Interesting how CBS didn’t air none of the live feeds showing Taylor’s mistreatment #BB24
The CBS edit to minimize how they were pressuring Taylor to put on her final night homes is frustrating and why is Paloma such an arrogant POS? She hates on Taylor for no reason and she will be HATED by EVERYONE when she finally gets evicted #bigbrother #bb24
CBS is really running with the “poor social game” trope instead of pointing out the microaggressions and broken telephone that made Taylor a target. Disgusting. #BB24
I hate how CBS edits the show like they don’t have a livestream. We already saw the micro aggressions towards Taylor. #bb24
I’m so appalled that CBS portrayed Taylor’s nom this way. They had so much input from fans, alumni, other published media, and decided to write a bs narrative instead. #BB24
@katelyn_tuckerr The edit by CBS was bogus. It wasn’t Taylor, it was Paloma and Monte. They edited out the way Taylor was treated by the others. CBS tends to spin things to their liking. If you search #BB24 and read the latest, you will get the truth scoop.

Fortunately for fans, it is not all over yet. Although Big Brother contestants Taylor Hale and Terrance Higgins are on the chopping block for eviction, dynamics can still change.

With Joe Pooch Pucciarelli as the backstage boss, and Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany also at risk of elimination, it will be interesting to see what twist awaits the house guests.

Don't forget to tune in to Big Brother tomorrow at 9.00 pm on CBS.

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