4 CBS reality shows renewed in 2022

CBS reality shows that have been renewed for the 2022-2023 broadcast season (Image via @cbstv/Instagram)
CBS reality shows that have been renewed for the 2022-2023 broadcast season (Image via @cbstv/Instagram)

For the 2022-2023 broadcast season, CBS has confirmed the renewal of four of its most successful reality shows.

The channel recently confirmed that reality TV shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, Tough As Nails, and Secret Celebrity Renovation will make a comeback with fresh seasons in the coming year.

Entertainment companies are beginning to finalize their calendars for the upcoming term, which have and will result in both renewals and cancelations of several shows. The most popular series, which are scheduled to return for fresh runs, are usually extended beforehand.

CBS is already ahead of schedule for the procedure, confirming the renewal of a large portion of their entertainment programs for the fall season. The channel revealed several renewals, bringing back a few of its most popular TV personalities.

Survivor, Tough as Nails, and other reality shows renewed by CBS in 2022

1) The Amazing Race

The final episode of season 2 of CBS' The Amazing Race premiered on March 2, 2022 with the season attracting a vast viewership of 5.42 million viewers per episode. Phil Keoghan hosts the Emmy-winning reality show, which features pairs speeding all across the world. The show's producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Television and Worldrace Productions work in collaboration with ABC Studios and Amazing Race Productions.

As participants prepare to gather their belongings alongside Phil Keoghan, fans are thrilled for the return of the hit CBS series. The Amazing Race has been renewed for a 34th season, which will premiere in 2022-23, after season 33 of the show came to an end on Wednesday, March 2.

The unscripted TV show follows 11 pairs of participants as they compete for a prize money of 1 million dollars.

2) Survivor

The news came shortly before the season 42 premiere of Survivor. The reality show, which premiered in 2000, follows participants who are abandoned on an island. The struggling individuals are expected to survive the harsh surroundings while trying to sustain themselves on the island. The survival show allows the contestants to compete against one another to be declared the ultimate champion.

CBS' Survivor has been consistently successful over the course of its 20-year run, with 7.59 million people tuning in during its most recent season following a COVID-related break. Reportedly, the program is Paramount+'s most-watched reality show.

Jeff Probst, the show's presenter, is on the move once again as Survivor season 43 has been announced for the channel's 2022-23 telecast season.

It did not come as a surprise to followers as Survivor remains one of the most popular reality programs, airing twice every year. Ahead of the official announcement, auditioning for season 43 had already begun.

3) Tough as nails

Season 3 of Tough As Nails, in which players compete in tasks on actual worksites, premiered last year with an average of 3.57 million viewers per episode, according to reports. Phil Keoghan hosts the show, and is also an executive producer alongside Louise Keoghan and Terry Castagnola.

The show transforms the meaning of tough, centering on regular Americans who invest their energy by working on actual worksites instead of sweating it out at the gym.

The contestants gear up in boots rather than shoes, and consider blistered hands a symbol of pride. This is exactly what the show's description intends to explain. In a sequence of challenges held on legitimate work sites, participants are evaluated on their power, durability, quickness, and willpower.

Reportedly, in a statement, the host of Tough as Nails said,

"Tough as Nails is about acknowledging and validating those who may have felt forgotten for so long. I encourage everyone to make an extra effort to thank our essential workers. It’s a genuine gesture that will continue to unite us."

4) Secret Celebrity Renovation

The debut season of Secret Celebrity Renovation, a home-remaking program in which stars remodel the homes of their loved ones, was launched in July 2021. In its first season, the CBS show, presented by Nischelle Turner, attracted an audience of 2.72 million. Rob Mariano, the Survivor star, is expected to join the show as part of the design team for the upcoming season. Sabrina Soto will be returning and joining Rob Mariano in the task.

The announcement arrived nearly six months following the 10-episode first season of the reality show. CBS' Secret Celebrity Renovation show is a laid-back reality show. The initiative gives celebrities a practical way to express a heartfelt thanks to those who have significantly impacted their lives.

With new seasons of these popular CBS reality shows already in the making, followers are thrilled for the unscripted on-screen drama of CBS' broadcast season of 2022-2023.

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